Finding the Best Patterns to Trade With Tim Bohen

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You need to listen to this interview with one of my top students, Tim Bohen — part-time trader and ultimate family man. He shares his advice on how to find the best patterns to trade.

His two essential pieces of advice: Don’t only trade the chart, and create a process.

He is known for his hybrid trading approach called ‘techno-fundamental’ and explains which variables he researches to find great patterns.

He talks about being a part-time trader, how he benefits from using StocksToTrade to scan and analyze stocks, patterns, and indicators, and what his favorite set-up is right now.

Tim [Bohen] is an extremely disciplined trader. Take this opportunity to learn from his experience.

How do you find patterns to trade? What do you think about Tim Bohen’s approach? Leave a comment below.


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Green Market 420 says:

Learn how the stocks move for you to be able to get the best results in your trading ventures. –

daniel kissi says:

hello Tim, am Daniel, a beginner in the stocks trading and improving through your videos. Do you do trades for individuals with your share of the percentage of the deals you do for them. although am still learning stocks trading, just asking if these deals are possible.

Matthew Heilman says:

Tim you’re changing the course of my life I’m 17 and I’ve been studying 15 hours a week when I start investing soon getting a deeper understanding of everything and making an investing plan I’ll owe everything to you

SpartaTek9 says:

Very Nice, Thx Tim Bohen & StocksToTrade, keep up the great work. 1Love!

Omar Elias says:

It's Blazing! Sex drugs rockin roll alway's

Jacob Holmes says:

not every trade should be decided by you..that is the only rule that could make you a lot of money trading…just saying…

jared wolff says:

Really nice video

Cruz PT says:

My dawg Tim still drippin in da Gucci i see. My nigga Tim drippin. 💪🏾

andrea callegaro says:

Hi Tim do you share scanners on chat (break out, momentum etc)?

ZachR says:

Thanks TimBo

Claudio Esteban says:

Tim Bohen preaching truth…..

Jonathan Luhmann says:

Great advice Tim!

Chris Smith says:

Thanks Tim B. … 🙂

mel saint says:

I feel like they're over intellectualizing a trash industry

Rocky Fox says:

I trade forex but still love 2 watch his videos😅😅😅

Le Conte says:

That guy said nothing other than advertise Stockstotrade

King Cesar says:

I agree too! on th type of trader I like FSD Pharma and Auxly.

Thunderbird says:

that video has got to be over a month old

Charles Eddy Jr says:

Tim Bowen, Tim Grattanni, Tim Sykes. I'm seeing the "Tim" pattern. 👍

Deontia Andrews says:

Good video tim

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