First Proof! Stock Market Crash

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The very first proof I found about the coming stock market crash.


The Q Ratio is always right. EVERY time over the last 120 years, every time the Q Ratio broke above 1.0, the markets were soon hit by a big meltdown. EVERY TIME.

The 4 most dangerous words in the stock market are, “This time is different.” Well, lots of people will be telling you it’s different this time, but they are wrong, and the Q Ratio will play out exactly as it always has and does.

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Kedar Ben Judah says:

My question to you Peter Leeds is will there be liquidity to cash out for example I short the exchanges when the other shoe drops and it will will the markets close? Seize? and not come back on line until the liquidity is secure robbing us of most of the gains that the correction will yield?

Kedar Ben Judah says:

We are obviously going to be Japan 2.0 recovery is no way possible we are a kid walking home kicking a can that never reaches home,

Greg Martin says:

Keep betting on uptrend till trend is broken, then switch sides.

Madhavi Adhikari says:

Does this mean I should avoid buying stocks at this moment since it can crash anytime?

Fadi Abouabsi says:

you cover your puts on tsla? i know your happy lol

kreteman777 says:

Thanks Peter. I wasn't trying to tell you how to do your job but that was just wrong.

foodnetworks says:

would a market crash affect the general population's daily lives?
I personally would like to see a crash. we need prices to stabilize. stocks are way over bought . it's sick!!! again , I would like to see a market crash so long as the general population is not affected

Daft Bugger says:

I like this channel but i feel the sound effects in the intro with the coins etc is a bit too intense. Maybe something a little more relaxing would be nice. Just a thought.

kreteman777 says:

Peter! Please read through sunshinenrainbows posts and delete them and block the user. There's no excuse for letting sickos like that on comment on your channel.

bwv1044 says:

The longest expansion in USA lasted 10 years, since now is the biggest bubble of all times and the interest rate is so low it can last 13 years, so maybe there is 5 more years of expansion.
This Q chart looks like it can go to 1.3 easily. This means big gains for stocks.

John Smith says:

thx 4 posting.

Lady pilliwick says:

very good video. thank you

Lee Anderson says:

Excellent presentation Peter, would you say that it is a good time to start buying gold related stocks on a dip now, if this collapse is on horizon?

ENOCH 33 says:

I'm hoping for a stock collapse there way to high if it crashes 40-70 percent then theres bargains to be had ,  cars will be getting cheaper and real estate also . save during good times pay debt down then buy in bad times actually you help save the economy and put a floor back under it .

kreteman777 says:

I just don't know man. I personally would love to see a crash but the powers that be are hell bent on keeping this thing propped up.

kbuck junior says:

exactly what video do I need to look at to see ( some of the ways we are preparing to profit from this unfortunate situation) tx for your help man making me wiser each time.

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