[FMWU] What A Long Strange Week It Has Been

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Taking a loss on being long vol this week…go figure… Russia points the chem flag at the UK, Mueller and Comey have a good week poking at Trump, financials sell on the news


Rick R and R Marketing says:

Matt, I really like your politics and Trump has got a few major things right like the tax cut and deregulation etc.. The Syrian war is a State Department/CIA operation and since 1983 they wanted these pipelines in Iraq/Syria but Assad said no. I don't believe for a second that any Russians died but in the last 30 seconds Oliver North claims Russia is lying. So let me ask you this; the American troops demolished that attack, this everyone agrees on, if they did then why would North say Russia is lying, if they have the Russian dead service men then you show the evidence, where's the evidence of Russian bodies?


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