FOMC Meeting | Interest Rates Remain Same "NOT GOOD"

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FOMC Meeting | Interest Rates Remain Same “NOT GOOD” today was the fomc meeting and the current economic policy remains the same with interest rates staying un changed. Many see this as good, I see this as not good. listen in the podcast to find out why

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Brandon Hudson says:

The fed tried to cram in 4 rate increases in 2018 (idiots) after nearly a decade of lowering rates… they should have only done 1 increase / year from 2016 to now… the market pitched a fit over it in 2018. Powell and company got scared and did a 180 on their policy.

Wizard Stein says:

Interesting I'll look into the ray dalio guy then

mrjoefly1 says:

Do you know when is the last time they raised it?

lombardo141 says:

Raise Rates ? HA! they don't have the courage to do the right thing.

Poncho ornelas says:

How do I join your private trading chatroom?

Marcus Hale says:

I'm a early bird short hoping I don't break 🤕😓

StevieRomano says:

Can I leave a comment?

Marcus Hale says:

When you start thinking of things like mmt and Automated trading systems creating liquidity. I'm just lost. Markets up there but what would need to break? 🤷‍♂️

J K says:

They weren’t going to lower them again, so it was expected.

Marcus Hale says:

Poverty level for fed is pretty low and it sucks for workers

Marcus Hale says:

Ok yes but the fed is making bank

Claudia Aquino says:

Just watched it!
Can’t wait!!!

docd2415 says:

Do you have a specific ''podcast'' or you are just referencing these youtube videos?

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