FOMC Trading Strategy – SetUps to Watch Wednesday

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We’re headed into the FOMC Announcement on Wednesday afternoon, which means we need to find the best setups before lunch tomorrow morning…

More importantly, the charts are messy tonight, and I can see a handful of traps you’ll need to avoid if you’re going to end tomorrow in the green – are you ready? Let’s go…
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Crude Oil is bearish and trading inside a range, which tells me to buy low, sell high, and focus on failures for the most reliable setups tomorrow morning…

But look closely, you can see the buyers are starting to grab the momentum, which means the only way I can get short is to use a “nested” failure pattern…

The buyers, on the other hand, they have all the options, and Id love to see a 123-breakout so I can buy the next pullback off the low of a hidden channel before we re-test the 17.00 magnet overhead.

E-Mini S&P is also bearish into a range, which tells me to buy low, sell high, and focus on failures; momentum isn’t as powerful (yet) so ill focus on buyer failures to get short above the range highs…

I’m also watching for a 123-breakout to new lows, because there’s a BIG OPEN SPACE waiting for us if we can push through the range lows…

Gold is bearish into an expanding triangle, which is very similar to a range, except momentum becomes an issue when the triangle gets wider, as it is currently…

Knowing this, my plan is to buy low and sell high of this range, but ill need to rely on “nested” failure patterns to make it reliable…
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Joseph James says:

Remember, the window of opportunity is a LOT smaller on FOMC Announcement days, so early in/out tomorrow morning!

Caz Ford says:

Love your energy and enthusiasm!!! And thank you for sharing your knowledge – It’s really appreciated during these difficult times 🇬🇧🙏🇬🇧🙏🇬🇧

HoboJIm117 says:

2 x V 185c into earnings, lets get this $

Normal operations says:

Should we buy
now or not because the report just came out of the crude oil report

ina barre says:

I am fascinated by the buyer, seller traps, can you show us past scenarios where it happened, if it is possible? It seems its your preferred strategy.

Adam Fike says:

Thanks for your hard work, JJ! Love you, brother!

Bra Manny says:

Thank you JJ. It has always been great

Dariel Riera says:

Hi there mate from Sweden! I cannot describe with enough words how much content of value you put out there every evening. Not only I watch the video a couple of minutes after you port it, I’ve even gone further back in the past to squeeze all you’ve had to give us! I’ve also taken your free course and been trying to assist to my “free trade room meeting” but the mail with the link comes always 5h past the hour 😩. In any case.. thanks a lot for your time and wisdom! I’m getting so much better already, thanks to these hours! Awesome work!

Johan Vargas says:

Thank you. As always very helpful

Jurgen van Vliet says:

Great to be here, thanks again ! #1% 😉

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