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currencies in the forex
foreign exchange
market is not for everyone as it
involves substantial risk.
In addition, emotional factors may influence a
persons ability to trade any including all offered on
this website.all and those here,
involve the likelihood of periodic reduction of capital, even on winning trades.
For this reason anyone must be prepared to
adequately fund his/her account to avoid having enforced losses due to
broker execution resulting from insufficient margin purchasing
or using or on this you agree that and all
use of or is solely at your own and without any
recourse whatsoever to the seller, sellers associates, subsidiaries, agents
or partners.
understand that are entirely at risk.
By or or are being or given
financial advice of kind.
All information on this is for
educational purposes only.
In in the people can
and often do lose past performance is an indication , nor a
guarantee of future of or as markets
guarantee is or be that or will continue to perform
similarly in the .
If have doubts about using
any or should first consult financial
adviser.hypothetical or simulated results have certain inherent
Unlike an actual record, do not
represent .
Further, since the have actually been
executed, the have compensated or over for the
impact, if , of , such as lack of liquidity.
All sales
are final and there are no refunds


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