FOREX: Live Trading & An Opportunity On Gold

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In this video we take a peek inside my live trading room at a couple pairs that featured multiple back-to-back advanced patterns. I also take a look at how the skills use to trade can be applied to any market including a chart of Gold.


256HEX256 says:

It is amazing how people are losing hundreds of hours to create silly, non-existent relationship. instead of dealing with the price.

DjayLivv says:

i have no idea wht the patterns mean. can anyone point me in the direction of a video

constantine Hj says:

Thanks Akil, great vid.

Denis Belleau says:

Very cool stuff!

yjetlee says:

Awesome! Like a boss Akil Bro! :D

Eric Bohn says:

I remember my old trading teachers (Jason & Akil) who were not trading gold…

Charles Miles says:

Rockin' the vids Akil, keep 'em coming!

TONY UK says:

Hi Akil.. If traders would like some more ah ah moments they should read
Trade What You See by Larry Pesavanto which has been recommended by Jason and yourself many times, it should cost you about $49 which funnily enough is the same price most of us have paid for a magic FX system. 🙁 
There is a lot of stuff in there where not only will you go ah ah but you will say "thats what Jason says" or "Akil explained that the other day in one of his videos".. 
Thanks for the video mate and good luck tomorrow.. 

John Sanderson says:

Great video Akil!

Yann Yeung says:

Thanks Akil, I've been following your videos for almost two years now, and joined the syndicate a few months back. Nonetheless, I've been struggling a fair bit on the patterns, and this video brought me one of those 'ah-ha!' moments. I realise now that I must change my mindset about trading back-to-back patterns (I've always had a confidence issue just like you mentioned, especially if the first one was a loser or one that I missed at first). Thank you for the education, it's gold!

Michael S White says:

Eureka, I found GOLD!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!

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