Forex Trading Blog – Live During The FOMC Statement

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A Live Forex hangout during the November FOMC Statement release.


Bernard Kalzkovy says:

I like these videos where we(profitable traders) can see some of your trading live.. by the way, 20% per month is not 200% per year, gives 800%+..

Redah Salie says:

Hows Gold been treating you Akil? you mentioned once that you are following it

pmcllc says:


MrFunnyMonkey says:

Akil, greatly appreciate everything you do. I have a question. At times, do you feel being an online coach/mentor and the guaranteed weekly/monthy income, that is associated with your business, make you a 'lazy trader' ?
I say this because your performance can lack and you are still going to be able to pay the bills at the end of the day/week/year. Its an interesting and unflattering question (i apologize).

Or do you feel the pressure too perform has helped your trading career?

Please answer with complete transparency.


hi akil… big fan of urs… hav seen all ur videos… can i have ur mail id.. want to ask trading related query
thanks man.

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