FOREX TRADING: Gaps, Predictions and The Sneaker Stock Market

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FOREX TRADING video taking a look at today’s Live Trading Room action & the discussion that we had on Gap trading, making predictions & a sneaker stock exchange.


itdetective says:

If you think you know, you don't know. If you don't know, you have a chance…

Jeremiah Cook says:

I just voted for you. Your YouTube videos alone has helped me go from Trash trader to profitable. I've been studying FX for 5 years but your videos helped me to understand the language of FX. Thanks Akil

Traffy Bobby says:

just voted for you, you are good at what you are doing.

Philip Stewart says:

Really love the new intro by the way :D

Tytanowy Janusz says:

only Trump knows what's gonna happen in the market

Brandon Rinald says:

Thanks akil for all the videos that made me a better trader today i voted for u and i hope everyone else does !

elijah o says:

If all of us were "future tellers" than none of us would need Akil lol Real beginners or expert traders don't predict just be patient and let it ride

TONY UK says:

Is it 80% of gaps fill 80% of the time…!!!!!!

Izakm Milo says:

Too bad you do not give a daily review. So that we see the opportunities that the market offers us, on a daily and regular basis. Meanwhile I earned from your reviews are pretty good

ahmed mortaja says:

I like your analysis Show. I Press like before see it

FFX Academy says:

So much respect here Akil!

Derek Holder says:

You have my vote, Akil. And it looks like you're leading the poll. I think you deserve it.

I enjoyed this video more than I can tell you. I've been waiting to hear you or Graystone talk about gaps. And, honestly, to officially address the hate/criticism I've seen in the comments. Kudos to you and the Trade Empowered team for doing what you do. I'm sure you've changed a lot of people for the better – I know you did for me.

Anastasia McVicker says:

Voted 😀

Keep up the good work!

Raren0ise says:

What was the site you were on while looking at the sneakers?

MrFunnyMonkey says:

made 350 pips on this trade. had a 4:1 reward to risk. it was a no brainier for me. the overall sentiment was bearish (people shorting thinking it would drop like a cliff once May spoke). Expect the unexpected and in those cases usually the opposite happens.

BrandonLamarMusic says:


timmy-jones Nkumeh says:

Successful guys will only come here to upgrade their knowledge not to talk shit….

hightyboo says:

Love the honesty you deliver. Keep doing your thing. Trade well in 2017 Mr.Stokes.

joerahman1 says:

Just voted for you bro ?

Nive Maxe says:

how to use a Fibonacci retirement pls on the dwn move anc the up move

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