Forex trading without indicators – Very easy, very simple !

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Forex trading without indicators, very easy, very simple – by Donald Nguyen!

You just count 7 candles. Determine the highest point and the lowest point of the 7 candles and drawing two horizontal lines to mark.

Determine break out.
Trading and profit.

Leave questions below video if you do not understand.
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Thank you for watch !

Forex trading without indicators part 2:

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Jahid Khaled says:

Hello +Gold Forex

I have studied well your videos. Should i look for breakout in Tokyo session only ?

UrduforexGuide dotcom says:

Very good sharing…. it is too simple, easy and PROFITABLE strategy

– via YouPak(.com)

TheComposer1979 says:

i test it it do not work all time

Andres Fernandez says:

how do you get the mondays set up?…i tried to do it exactly how you were implementing your strategy but the chart moves and so do the mondays

Andres Fernandez says:

works with any time Frame??

Gordon L says:

You showed 1400 pips in 4 hours of trading????
Something far wrong here.

khaled2010 says:

What is the GMT time for candle number one?

murielc umingszy says:

The key of success is automation You can run it on AutoPilot with Binary Options software!!
No complex charts, no baffing analysis, no complecatedd methods In fact nothing to learn.
Watch here => >>

Oltian Fetahi says:

Hey do you have an email? I want to ask a few questions

Appu .K S says:

Is this method applies Gold only or currencies as well? What is the time frame is suitable for this strategy ?

Stock Market says:

Method simple. Very good ! Thanks bro !

Hicham BENKAIHOUL says:

+Gold Forex , Thank you so much.
Do we take the trade immediately after the breakout or at the beginning of the next candle after the breakout ?

Keng Sheng Goo says:

how do we know where to put the profit point?

SuperMusic200 says:

Hi Donald,
Again I must say that this is very amazing. Another question is: Do you hold an open position during the weekend or do you close on Friday?

SuperMusic200 says:

Hi Donald,
This is a very interesting method. My local time is here GMT+2 instead of GMT+7. This may cause different results, because the candle 1 (beginning of the day) is then another candle as your candle 1. What do you think about it?

Mohaamad Shafiq Mohaamad Sahafi says:

hi i would like to ask. you said that we can place an entry during breakout point correct? but how do we determine weather we need to buy or sell at the breakout point? is it we place a sell entry at the lowest breakout point while placing a buy entry at the highest breakout point.

Marcin Adamczyk says:

on what time frame are you showing this trading?

Mustafa Karaman says:

teşekür ederim ben de bu mumlar üzerinde çalışmayı seviyorum on numarasısınız

Tobias Keller says:

But how do i know, when i have to stop the trade? Also Stop Loss…. 
but for now, it looks good

Miguel Contreras says:

I think you were smoking something when you were counting the pips. No way you can get those pips.

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