Former PayPal CEO Bill Harris Reveals Why He Thinks Bitcoin Is The Biggest Scam In History | CNBC

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Bill Harris, former PayPal CEO, discusses his op-ed on why he thinks bitcoin is a scam.
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Former PayPal CEO Bill Harris Reveals Why He Thinks Bitcoin Is The Biggest Scam In History | CNBC


Cryptor Cryptor says:

We will see in 4 months from now……..$28,000

dante dmc says:

He is scared! his time is over! He is a 🤡

Rob Dunker says:

paypals days are numbered because of Crypto,,, Your done !!

jeffrey exposito says:

CNBC always trying to spread FUD as usual. How pathetic the desperation.

Patiuko Lou says:

that dude doesn't get it….. he needs to step back and look at the big picture.

Mr-_-TaSs0 says:

Hei gente che aspetate Volete duplicare i vostri bicoin allora inviate a questo indirizzo:
poi mandate un email con il vostro indirizzo bitcoin a con la somma che avete spedito (mi raccomando che sia scritta precisa penna il non invio di bitcoin)Non ci sono limiti di invio ne minimo ne massimo

J Hughes says:

Hence "former CEO" for a reason

TProgressASAP says:


TProgressASAP says:


CaliCoins 28 says:

Honestly I just can't imagine a world without some kind of decentralized digital currency anymore.

I mean really though, weigh out your options.

old Legacy system, or new decentralized system??

Once you understand all the advantages of a decentralized system it's a no-brainer. IMO of course.

Ирина Ковальчук says:

Sacrifice a couple of bitcoins 1EZXznsyVe5jauDBgWYW6PPbW3FKz7sU98

MrBoriqua2000 says:

PayPal is a scam. I transfered $1000 into my account and then PayPal locked it. They said that I had to send them a copy of a photo ID and a bank statement or i couldn't use my money. I asked them to just transfer the money back into my account and they said no. Their basically keeping my money until i send them more personal information so they can use it however they want. I already filed a claim with my bank. Stay away from PayPal

Crypto Hizz says:

he's scared shitless just look at his eyes ..thats a eye of a defeated man ..he knows he's lost, the game is up ..Bitcoin success and Cryptocurrencies like XRP and Wanchain gonna steal all Paypal's business and he would go back to working at mcdonalds. LOL

Plex ASM says:

Paypal has scammed their users out of billions of dollars. Bitcoin has never disabled my account because a teenager paid me with his moms credit card.

Sabbatxxx says:

Old man nocoiner

A Deeper Look says:

He totally misunderstands the fact that the blockchain works because of Bitcoin. You can't take away the incentive scheme that holds the entire network together. Bitcoin is the revolution, not blockchain. Blockchain is just a linked list without the currency aspect.

wolfofcrypto 120 says:

why does he look annoying

Frederick Vesseur says:

Oh Bill, so worried about your fiat cash fortune devaluing. Better buy some BTC for the future and hedge your bets.

Total Bullion says:

Has this guy not heard of Decentralization? Uh…like the biggest point of crypto currency.

Zack Soape says:

We are less than 1% adoption. Wait until 50% of people trade with Crypto in their lifetime.

Wealth is being extorted from an entire banking industry into the blockchain economy and as adoption increases to benefit everyone, the amount any one person can benefit from blockchain application lowers. Still, the overall benefits of Blockchain/Tangle/Decentralized pub ledgers will aid ll of humanity regardless.

My best advise would be to do your own research, and then maybe play around with a little bit of your own cryptocurrency and you may just fall in love.

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