Fox cuts away from Trump speech after market sell off

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Iceberg Feva says:

Lmfao Fat orange retard so full of himself…

Matthew Lewis says:

Teleprompter Trump!

Glynis Joseph says:

the same tax cuts trump just gave us will be paid by USA people to build his wall! wake up people!

Glynis Joseph says:

trump just gave us a tax cut, now he wants to take it back so we can pay for a FUCKING wall! no FUCKING WALL!

im girl says:

0:38 "…was founded in 1914, during World War II…"

Bruce Villa says:

This totally reminds me of one of the final scenes in the movie The Big Short where the wall street banker guy is talking about how many Goldman stocks he is going to buy as the market collapses. BOOM!!!

Gail M says:

You folks better get checked out. Your brain washed by the CIA, Fake News and living in the matrix…false flags are all around you but I guess you were never too smart anyway if your still up Hillarys criminal ass.

D T says:

So now the majority of America who doesn't clap for Trump is treasonous and equals Death
As the stock market crashes

D T says:

Feb 25 2015 if the Dow Jones falls more than a 1000 "points" in a single day the sitting president should be "loaded" into a very big cannon and Shot into the sun a TREMENDOUS SPEED!! no excuses!!
Twitter quote Donald Jim Crow Trump

W Parsons says:

Will we see a RECESSION???

BillyBob Bazooka says:

Ha ha, Trump caught in a lie and his entire speech is just a joke.

Michael T says:

This is Trumps fault.

Mr. Moo says:

Hey, Donnie Dumbfuck, you wanna take credit for the stock market to sharply drop like you took credit for the low Black unemployment under Obama?

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