Free Example Of A Live Trading Challenge Q&A Webinar

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My students get 2-4 live webinars from myself & other mentors like and & NOWHERE else do you have as many successful traders teaching live, that’s why I have the most millionaire students of any teacher 🙂


Chang Hoon Chai says:

I would like to watch this Q&A, but it has error. Are there any possibilities to watch this video?

Money Juice says:

Tim smacks himself twice!!!!!   LMAO!!!!!!

onjapanewer says:

720p is just not enough, Tim. Are you limited to this resolution?

Billy P says:

where can I get hands on education In penny stocks

Billy P says:

Im new to penny stocks who do you suggest I open an account with Tim

Surf says:

What do you use to find stocks? I cant ever find penny stocks that are going to spike

Gloire Aux FDP says:

If you trade small and get rid of the fear of losing, you will become objective traders, who don't fear the market and can see it with clear eyes, without emotions.
Emotions are our ennemies. Go check on Mark Douglas for psychologic lessons about trading.
Observe and analyse the market, don't predict it.

Gloire Aux FDP says:

1:27:10 lol


Timothy, i live in the UK but i am struggling to find an online stockbroker that doesn't have data collecting issues on their trading platform, please give me recomendations for british online stockbroker platforms. P.S i tried opening an etrade account, but they said only US residents, or workers, i am neither, i am a british citizen, please help me!!!!!

Yaseen Lorgat says:

smack yourself part was hilarious. learning and laughing at the same time!

Marco Vercesi says:

Tmmy! Take Altucher to Las Vegas this weekend!!! We all want to listen to him!! Flying from Abu Dhabi…I deserve a gift ;-)

Christopher Barry says:

So prior to finding out about Tim and penny stocks I bought a number of shares of Vantage Drilling. Then due to the down turn in the oil industry Vantage Drilling stock (VTGDF-Previously VTG) dropped so low it received a delisting of ordinary shares and now sits on the OTC Market at .0294. The question I have is, knowing the value of the assets owned by Vantage… (Drillships worth close to 1B$ each) what can I expect to see happen to the company? Could a merger or buyout return my shares to some level of profit? Or is it a wash?

dalvin0329 says:

Or if anybody in the comments have used it.

dalvin0329 says:

@TimothySkyes I applied for your millionaire challenge and I wanted to ask you really quick if you've ever used Robinhood as a broker? And if so how is it because I'm thinking about opening an account.

Mitko D. Piperkov says:

Tim, how is Supermans approach different to yours ?

cody ekle says:

Just want to thank you Tim only known about you for about a week now and watched half your videos. Made 300$ so far and saving up for your DvD!

Rasmus Nielsen says:

Hi Tim, how long is the sale on howtomakemillions? I can buy it on Wednesday but is there still sale on it then? :-)

Johnny says:

tim do you do cocaine

Kris Danielson says:

Do a DVD give away

brandon longley says:

I enjoy your teaching videos, but this video is out of focus at the beginning for a while and again out of focus around the 1hr15min pt. I'm a bit of a visual learner. And also your chat room screen is 25% or so off the teaching screen.

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