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Close, this is a stock trading course I did in 2006 before I broke the code to the Oil market. While trading stocks is still an excellent way to make money trading Oil is even better because of the code I broke, which gives us traders a huge advantage in trading because by using the codes I broke while trading Oil you can achieve a long term 70% to 80% accuracy rate into your entries, which will enable you to make a tremendous amount of money and make trading much easier and less time consuming. I wanted to offer this free stock trading course to the public because I want to show that I have years of experience in teaching people to trade and that I’ve found something even better than trading stocks which is trading Oil futures with the use of both Code 1 and Code 2 system of trading. Happy Trading Traders and I really hope you enjoy this stock trading course that I did in 2006.

This stock trading course contains the following videos:

1. Setting Up The Right Broker

2. Learning To Use Level 2 Software

3. The Necessary Tools To Use

4. Learning To Trade

5. Mental Aspects To Trading

6. Gapping Stocks

7. Part Time Trading Strategy

Within the learning to trade video you’ll see that I find a stock WITM and start trading this stock at .50 and then you’ll see in the next video that this stock has gone up to 1.25, 150% in two days. You can make the big money trading stocks that’s for sure, but you can make even bigger money trading Oil, and that’s why I’m trading Oil now.

Happy Trading Traders,

Oil Trading Academy.


Søren Vestergaard says:

Isn't Suretrader the same as Speedtrader right now?

Chris B. says:

My question look at this video 1:07:0 to 1:08:0 I understand you bought 4,000 shares of WTVI for $0.48, then you sell it at 4,000 shares at 0.46. Doesn't mean you lost some money because the stock was a loss from 0.02 per share. 


curtsher11 says:

I appreciate you doing this, though its a shame the microphone quality is so poor.  Gives me a headache listening to some of the effects from the mic.  Then again i'm more sensitive than most.

curleyphil 32598 says:

What website would you recommend to learn the. Very very very basics of trading and building myself up from there. And when I say basics I mean the basics because I have like no knowledge on this and I really want them and I dont know where to begin

Drift TheGuy says:

ps: am asking this before watching the video which means i havnt learn anything yet am and the video is not on.
i have a question i grew up from a third world country never heard of this stuff until i traveled to advanced locations and i like what i see and hear about it now i have questions i want to ask i know i should be reading books that will give me answers but i wanna hear from a fellow being that already mastered few things.
1 do i spend money to make money?
2 do i make more than i spend?
3 what books do you recommend for me to get started?
4 do i need a degree?
5 how old do i have to be?
6 if i put more money will it grantee me to receive 3X or more?
7 can you own a piece of a company and get your money every year regardless and can it increase or decrease by company's productivity?
8 will this let me make infinite income?
9 how do i own or be a partner of corporations because i like buying piece of company's and get money for as long as they exist?

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