[Friday SITREP] TOPGUN Fighter Foundation is AIRBORNE! Never Leave Your Wingman…

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Yerz M says:

Studering idiot

Yerz M says:

We smash them or wtf !!!

Yerz M says:

Option idiots never have any idea how to fly

Yerz M says:

We go on the jets and show who can fly /==÷+

Yerz M says:

Have fun answer!!

Yerz M says:

I can take u any time do not care what asshols say
U ready?

Yerz M says:

Options to kill the rest awesome
You doing excelente job …
Do not fly in the skies there is freedom for all but you devil in fear
Shiting your pants not U 🙁

Jim Hoang says:

Whiz, this is an interesting fact that not many people know. Trump could wipe out debts to china and have plenty left over.

Alon Hakakian says:

God bless you and have a great weekend 🙏

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