Friday’s Crashing Market – How To Prepare And Still Be Successful

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The stock market is crashing as I’m filming.

I predicted the market was due for a crash… this is insane. The market is a battlefield.

A lot of people are losing money, but I’m up $7K for the month — I’m playing it safe.

I don’t want anyone to lose, but if you’re unprepared, the odds are against you. You have to have the right mindset and the right mentor. It’s crazy that this is happening and my students are actually making money.*

My number-one rule is to cut losses quickly. Focus on your potential loss. I think the two best patterns right now are dip buying morning panics and buying strong first green days on OTC plays.

Preparation is key. If you’re not prepared, you’ll get crushed. You will lose big.

Use times like this to understand the market as a whole and learn from it. You need to trade with the right mindset — trade safely and study hard.

Do you agree with my mentality? Are you prepared for the next crash? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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positive thoughts says:

90% stocks are penny stocks in Nepal

positive thoughts says:

Nepal market is now opposite to US MARKET

Zafra Jr says:

I will be safe.

L. Jermaine Russell says:

I will be safe!!

John Hernandez says:

It is such a mental battle that you must overcome to get wealthy. I had a good play this past week where I bought PPCB into the close based on chart history of hitting .01/share and bouncing. Sure enough the next day it popped up 169% closing at the absolute high of the day. I was going to sell, but with the news and high of day closing, I thought it would pop in the morning and sure enough early, it went up 55% and I still didnt take my profit of over 4x my investment. Really stupid of me because I also had PURA as my next play I was going to buy at 0.07 and sure enough the next day popped up over .10/share. I am still up over 50% in the week but we have to be brutal on ourselves and take our profits.

Emiro Antonio URDANETA BATISTA says:

I’ll be safe

Townboy Trades says:

I will be safe

Brooke McGowan says:

I will be safe. In fact i want to learn more about being safe before i start trading, i want to learn more about losing than winning so i know what im getting into…and if i want to get into it!

Charles Gruss says:

I will be safe.

Barry W says:


AslanAtreyu says:

These stocks are so choppy right now, I keep getting stopped out. Then they rip! Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Leinani says:

Thanks Tim Sykes!!

Hui-ni Chen says:

I will be safe!

usp211816 says:

The concept of shorting hurts my head but it seems to be a good time to try and find some.

Trading Escapes says:

Thanks for looking out for us Tim! How’s school building going?

David Simpson says:

I well be safe

Cicero Araujo says:

buy gold now it is still cheap

Cicero Araujo says:

I Will be safe

AlanSoBlank says:

It seems only penny stocks like MRIN can spike 50-100% while the overall market is tanking. I was trying to be safe all week while taking advantage of the short squeeze on MRIN.

GreatPlainsChaser says:

Stock piling cash at the moment, paper trading some utilities, and doing well. Meanwhile doing video lessons, and trying to learn as much as I can so when these markets turn back to the upside, try and be ready to ride the next wave to it's full potential.

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