Friday’s Stock Market Crash – China Tariffs – What is To Happen Monday

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Stocks plunged in overnight trading on China tariffs. The proposed $100 billion in new tariffs could dampen the markets. China said it would fight back “at any cost” against US trade tariffs.

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Zuhayr Kahil Deeb says:

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Riderpjr Hd says:

Americans..get ready to BEG..

Mike Doonsebury says:

If there was one small fraction of a percent of truth to TA, you people would be rich. The fact of the matter is, you're taking random patterns, giving them names, then trying to sound like you can predict the future just because these same random patterns keep on showing up. What I get out of this video is: the markets are going to go down on Monday,… unless they go up.

wayne mcclory says:

Many countries have banned crypto currency.the most recent is India and other crypto‘s will be banned by all governments after the crash and reinvest your money while you still have a chance

wayne mcclory says:

Tesla is tanking, Facebook is crashing, Amazon is selling us out and they’re about to incur large shipping costs, Apple is about to make their own computer chips big mistake, all the fang stocks are selling off.Housing bubble is popping, people are not paying their auto loans, credit card debt is over $1 trillion, college loans are not being paid back, the list is very very long. Invest and precious metals if you want to protect your family.

wayne mcclory says:

We will be having a BLACK MONDAY so make sure you get your gold. We are having lower highs and lower lows = Bear Market. Let’s not forget trade war, China’s Oils contracts,gold yuan,Russia’s new silver Ruble. 370 Trillion Debt. Time to own physical gold and silver ! War with Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Mexico, and the IMF said it IS moving to China this year..

J C says:

Yuan devaluation to come?

Jason Clark says:

Great video!

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