Friday’s Stock Market Crash, What Is To Happen Monday, And Precious Metals

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Sam Vue says:

Well I guess my husband's not kidding you know what he's talking about oh man really again Trump is the president and stock is going down people's gone crazy and it's going to get crazier it's a doggy dog world something really bad is happening and coming? Oh my oh my

Nic Phan says:

China will be shutting doewn the US market soon witht he Tariffs.


Hopfully war will start Monday.

James Locke says:

Market corrections happen from time to time. The crash happened in precious metals in 2012, they haven't even gotten close to their highs since then. The stock market took a hit and silver went up 18 cents big deal call me when it hits 50 dollars an ounce. so that the poor people who bought into those metalheads who predicted 100 dollar silver in 2011 can get even by getting their principal back. The doom and gloom crew have been predicting the end of the dollar, the end of the worlds financial system, and basically the end of the world for more than my 25-year lifespan and will continue to do so when for another 25 years at the very least. A quick review of what has been said on the internet by the doomers shows a history of failed predictions don't get fooled like the poor old folks who cashed out their 401k's to by doorstop silver.

Sandeep Singh says:

Good analysis…

Ralph Green says:

Great Information

6packter says:

usa govt buying their own bonds, that s stovks hold up but how long

Prodigy Trading Group says:

SPY Target 243.67 on this move, S&P will make a lower low before rebound happens. Wait until down there to buy stocks

Claude Barthy says:

It lost another 50 points before closing. An it is not just a market correction, it's the second one, very similar to the previous one but at a lower valuation. If the Fed doesn't react, it could crash again.

Truth Not Troll says:

Nothing will happen. As usual politics is politics for them people.

Jdor D says:

Very interesting analysis and great job…"Yeshua/Jesus is the way"

Pacific Angel says:

This new catastrophic arising situation, means a possibility for riots, robberies and any other reaction to a crash that is expected to be worse than the 1929 crash. If burglars go to brake retail commerces, it will result a rarity of useful basic tools, a short in immediate food requirement and who will suffers of this? You, your family and friends and me. A President address to everyone on TV would surely help to prevent such chaos. On your side if you feel appropriate offer your support to the police of your city and perhaps build a surveillance comite to help police to maintain law and order in your area. Once your group identified by police forces, it will be easier to get their help to come to provide ideas and comments on how you put a project in action or how to get their help to facilitate your group to get fast help if such situation arises. Best regards, everyone and count on everyone of your Cell to be fair and do their best to help their neighbour.

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

Still a 4-8X overpriced market with small caps wildly overpriced. PE ratio for the Russell 2000 near 150. Stock pumping propagandists will not show you the real GDP accounting for deficit spending and using a non-contrived inflation rate. Real GDP growth rate has been deeply negative 10 years running. Go with the lying propaganda all you want. With respect to this, you then look at historical valuations per a depressed economy and assert what fair value would be.

Pacific Angel says:

To all people who will read me: Do not badly react or worse, overreact. This is only money. There are other ways to keep moving our industries. It is now the time to improve your relationships with people around you. Convince people to form group of several individuals and ask everyone to be fair. The objective of those groups are to maintain first a positive morale and help each other to share foods, start gardening this spring for the whole group.Take agreement with farmers to raise and feed chickens for each one of you, in return you will go the help him on his farm so many hours a week etc…. No one can take the weight of such situation for a long term, but you will see that one day at a time, you will reach all your goals and overall you will have made true friends and share the happiness of living again. Just one thing: forget any luxury articles, shoes, clothes, jewelries because you will not use them anymore. Recently many cities gave the right to raise poultry in cities. Use that right. And finally, rediscover your greatest friend God, who will instruct you on what to do each time a new obstacle arises. God bless you and your families. I will be very happy to read all your comments you forward to me and do my very best to answer each one. All together, let's read this "People Cell Idea" and soon you will prevail over Crash and rediscover the true happiness and true friendship. God bless you all. God is closer to us that we are from him.

George Stone says:

What happened to your "350 point advancement in the NQ" prediction? Didn't quite work out?

scig gler says:

Is the market crashing and the world is ending?

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