From the NFL Draft to Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Student

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From prospective NFL player to dedicated Trading Challenge Student. Subscribe: to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.

0:10 Michael is a Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge student who explains how he went from the NFL draft to becoming a student of Tim Sykes.

4:00 Michael explains how he found Tim Sykes on social media and started studying the penny stock programs.

6:00 Tim asks Michael how he is doing trading penny stocks on the stock market.*

6:10 Tim explains the PDT rule, if your account is under 25,000 you cannot make more than three-day trades per week. You can hold a stock overnight but three-day trades per week and that forces people with small accounts to not overtrade.*

7:30 Tim and Michael discuss how 90% of traders lose trading on the stock market.*

8:00 Tim explains that trading penny stocks is a marathon and not a sprint.*

9:30 Tim explains that you have to learn when trading penny stocks to find patterns that work and replicate that process over and over.*

11:42 Tim and Michael discuss what other penny stock traders are not prepared to do and the importance of studying the past.*

14:00 Tim tells Michael to take small gains when you can, they add up over time.*

15:00 Tim discusses how everyone has their specialty, everyone is unique and has strengths and weaknesses in life.*

20:00 Michael states that he will be one of Tim’s most successful millionaire challenge students.*

Hey Tim Sykes millionaire mentor and trader, thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I wanna share everything that I’ve learned over the years you can check out more videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*

* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here:


Website guy says:

You know ive looked at 4 videos and all you talk about is making money no tech stuff.

Andrea Comelli says:

Love it! Thank you Tim!

Kody says:

You got this Mike!

Fabian Urrutia says:

Hi Tim, my name is Fabian, I'm 21 years old, I'm from Chile and I do not know much about English, I'm taking the translator.

I came to you for my brother, I love your way of living life and I admire you a lot. I want to learn from you, I want you to teach me … please answer my message … a huge hug Tim from Fabián

tato2493528 says:

it's so sad all these people in the comments are getting fucked by tim and his "services". u guys are so stupid to follow and trade like this guy.

brandon holt says:

Still scared about shorting and when to go against

Foto Guy says:

you can "Still over-trade" under the PDT RULE !!!!!!!

Jake Hunter says:

Good to see a brother being financial educated. #Jakehunter88

Ivo Roperto says:

The PDT rules is golden.

Bernie L says:

Man that was a great video. All great questions. That Steve Harvey interview was the bomb too! Good stuff Tim.

Lashawn Turner says:

Tim- absolutely Great videos💕💕💕

Jamel Betterton says:

Great story!

Lonnie Blechle says:

Great interview, Great lessons & good luck to him.

Enid Grimes says:

Im a momentum trader and 30% is no single its friggin holdin the damn bag already xD

FunnyTities says:

Hey. How I went about over trading was: I knew overtrading was messing me up so I downsized making my mental stop literally $10/$20 and position size less than $500 (thoughts in my head were: i could lose half of my investment without really getting depressed(it's still the same % win or loss), this tough me how to look at the stocks without stress), I pulled unnecessary money out of my account for that time (temptation), then powered trough 100 trades and I simply got bored of being in a shitty setup/stock, and I automatically started looking only at the top % gainers from then, nothing else. 2 years in and I still don't know how to buy earnings winners, I tried a million times but it's just bleeehhh for me, I probably will ever learn that setup but thats fine because I mastered first green day. Next will be first red day 😀 :D.

Money is good.

mrjoefly1 says:

Sorry I quit watching this video, the audio is too awful…

Bat Scientist says:

All the best to you Michael. I started day trading SPY options 2 months ago with a $500 position size. Today my position size has increased to $5000 and I have made more than $10,000 in the last two weeks. I only trade three times a week.

Sam says:

Dude looks like Kel from Kenan & Kel show 😂

Steven Leworthy says:

After 2 solid months I am finally up to date. Watching vids as they come out. What a journey and it's only the first step. Thanks Tim

Cameryn Worden says:

"Few million" has over 20 million in the bank

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