Full Throttle Training Bullish/Bearish Afterburner & Double Vertical Tactics

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Grab your FT Max annual slot here: https://go.topgunoptions.com/ft-cart

There are a handful of quarterly memberships available here: https://topgunoptions.com/ft-max-quarterly


Master The Dream says:

I trade with Tasty Works and I am very satisfied. There is no minimum amount to start with them for those starting with a small account.

Master The Dream says:

I went long heavy with calls after taking my loss on the puts over the weekend. Held over night and sold at the open today. Then went heavy with puts partly on the dip and then again at the top before the rollover. My only mistake was buying too many puts on Friday but I corrected it quickly and went the other way until I felt the short squeeze was over and then hit it hard again short. Sometimes a blind squirrel finds an acorn. :o)

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