Full Time College Student Trades Options 500x/Year

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Izzy is a 19-year-old college student who aspires to become a market maker! But how did he get interested in finance and options trading? Tune in to hear how this native of Turkmenistan financed his own trading account and subsequently learned options strategies with tastytrade videos. Then, uncover how he dealt with the market volatility of late 2018 and what he’s doing to become more mechnical in 2019.

tastytrade viewers come in all ages, and sometimes the youngest show the most potential. Hear stories from the new generation of modern investors.

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Krogzax Ants says:

Wow love the story. Great person and mindset! Wish you well Izzy!

Luan Nguyen says:

Smart young man. Best of luck !

Hash Money says:

Love this show!

Grant Ganley says:

Wow pretty awesome video, I’m 20 years old and I attend the University of Tampa. I also trade options. Wish he went to my school, haven’t found anyone here that trades stocks yet haha

King Cesar says:

Love the show

King Cesar says:


Connor Smith says:

This is my favorite interview I’ve seen on your channel! I’m a senior in high school, and Izzy’s story is so inspiring to me! I’m going to college to study finance next year, and I want to be just like Izzy!

Patrick Adams says:

Very good story. Thanks for sharing Tastytrade..

Rob G says:

25 and getting started ! 💪

Chewie 13 says:

I didn’t hear his strategy right now, he is buying premium in Boing and sells premium in ???

Haiku aday says:

good luck in 2019

Jerry Nix says:

Wow your an impressive young man keep up the excellent work! Can't get most kids to even pick up after themselves let alone get a job and you had 2!

Jose Gil says:

Is crazy I am actually 19 and learning options right now looking to paper trade and make a living out of trading @tastytrade I am also a full time college student

rockopocko says:

Haha, another great one guys! Cheers Izzy best of luck.

Joe Monkey says:

Good luck to you, Izzy. Great interview Tom and Tony!

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