Fundamental Webinar: Interest Rates, Bonds & Yields, and How They Affect Currency Markets

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In this hour long webinar we discuss the fundamental basics of how interest rates impact investing and the financial markets, how central banks use interest rates to control the flow of credit in an economy and control inflation. We examine bonds and how the Fed goes about targeting an interest rate. We discuss the difference between short term and long term bonds and what is a yield curve. We then take these concepts of interest rates, bonds and yields and see how they impact currency markets, especially via the “currency carry trade.

We hope this webinar acts as a good primer on these important subjects and helps you to better understand these concepts in finance.


angelo senlob says:

clever. something more, please

vlad istrate says:

Great info, thank you!

Ahmed Burhan says:

any one know that forex netdania please tell me

No says:

I am wondering if you have the PPT slides available from this presentation?

Kasim Ijelu says:

Long but very useful explanation Thank you question:
can you show more examples of using interest rate differentials 4 short term moves in fx as suggested near the end of the video.

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