Futures Trading: What would Operation Twist mean to indices and bonds? | Simpler Trading

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This is an interesting development that began as a rumor but seems to have some credibility behind it: Operation Twist.

Raghee Horner, Futures
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Chandler Horton says:

Awesome stuff Raghee!

Prabeesh Raman says:

Thanks for insight into some of sector to go for swing. Took a XLF trade yesterday and booked about 40% on it, I have taken a CORN trade today, hopefully that turns out well
If this operation twist is going to come i might look for bargain hunting in NQ.
Would RTY and YM benefit more because of this than NQ?

Prabeesh Raman says:

This is why I come here,, the info is awesome and condensed to put in larger perspective to make it understand to new traders like me

J D says:

Dear Raghee, how do you think Operation Twist will impact gold/silver, and commodities in general? Thank you for all your awesome videos! 😃🙏👏

jim boblooch says:

always great thx

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