Game Over, Final Market Peak: Dow Jones Headed to 5,000 – Bo Polny Interview

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Back in less than a month is economics & metals forecaster Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast. This time he’s exclaiming that time has run out, and looking at Friday’s Dow close even after the FED decision to keep rates low, this is looking more and more likely to be the turning point for a big US market crash! He lines this up directly with biblical prophecies that seem to make sense from a Christian or Jesuit standpoint.

01:30 Last Year’s Shemitah Crash Predictions & Jubilee Year
03:50 Stock Market Crash Analysis
06:10 Biblical Timing Cycles Predict Cycle Change Sep 23
07:40 S&P 500 & Dow Jones Topped August 15, 2016
10:15 Jubilee Cycle since 1967 Israel 6-Day War, Ends NOW
12:00 Physical Gold & Silver best bet to Prepare yourself for Catastrophic World Econ Changes
13:05 Get more from Bo Polny at or on YouTube:


James Clarke says:

As I`ve said before, " the emporer is naked ". Bo Polny has been wrong a lot and although I believe he is sincere it is only the wishful thinking of stackers ( me included for a while ) which perpetuates the demand for his predictions….

jimsjoe1 says:

Your typical internet nonsense! These videos are only made to promote mining shares and of course metals and people like Polny have been predicting a dollar and Dow collapse for three years and it hasn't happened and won't. They simply do not understand that huge international capital flows into or out of markets is what drives price movement. These capital flows have been coming from Europe, Japan, (the lands of NIRP), and South America. As the EU and the euro are collapsing along with their economies and banks, this will continue. Are you really going to park large amounts of capital in any southern European bank? Of course not! This is why the British elites allowed Brexit to happen as they didn't want to be dragged down with the EU. This capital needs markets with huge pools of liquidity hence long term bullish trend in both the dollar and the Dow. Martin Armstrong's computer models have been predicting that the Dow will head to 20,000 and then 23,000 all being caused by the sovereign debt crisis which will start accelerating in 2017 and peak in 2018.895 and then it's all down hill as capital floods out of sovereign bonds into the dollar and the Dow. Failure to understand capital flows means you always get your predictions incorrect. Also when large traders and fund managers come out and state their positions you can bet they are doing the opposite. Like Soros before Brexit, he was claiming he was selling stocks, buying gold and long the pound. Of course he was doing the opposite and Bloomberg reported he lost $1.5 billion on the pound trade alone! When traders state they are selling what is happening is that they want the market to go down so they can go in and buy leaving the unsophisticated out in the cold.
 Now using religion to predict financial markets is total nonsense as it has been proven that both testaments are not even remotely close to the original manuscripts as they have been mistranslated, intentionally altered and books left out like the Books of Enoch and the books of the agnostics which claim Jesus was no savior but an ordinary man. Some years back the Vatican hired Professor Maurio Biglini to translate an ancient Hebrew manuscript they had in their archives and found it was not a spiritual book at all but a history of the creation of man. There was no mention of Satan, the devil, hell, the concept of salvation, snakes or serpents. There was no mention of "GODS" or "GODS" as this was mistranslated and should read "Those that came from above". The Eloyhim came to earth and found a very primitive man and it took 232 versions of DNA changes to create what is now modern man. They protected man and educated him and the one responsible for this was the Eloyhim Lucifer, "Giver of knowledge and light". After generations the Eloyhim mated with their creations and the offspring were known as the Niphilim. These are the individuals in the bible today who had very long lifespans. When a second group of Eloyhim arrived they were horrified at the DNA changes and the mating and attempted to destroy man with a world wide flood which exists in all cultures today. A war erupted and the first group were defeated and are incorrectly referred to in the bible as the "Fallen Angels".
Now let's look at the new testament fiction. An Israeli anthropologist who was also a journalist reporting on ancient manuscripts did a program which aired on the Science Channel. He found in ancient Phoenician, Latin and Aramaic manuscripts a story of a Roman soldier who had a relationship with a woman named Mary and produced a child. Now this kind of stuff normally does not make it in history books or ancient manuscripts as this was common everywhere the Romans went but this did for three reasons. The first is the son, Jesus, started a movement with his wife also named Mary, who was actually a Phoenician Priestess. The second reason is the movement did not sit well with the Hebrews who eventually had Jesus arrested and crucified. The manuscripts state nothing about Jesus being some sort of savior but just a man who was was put to death for his religious and political views as were so many others. The program then went to an ancient burial site that was being excavated close to where they thought the Romans had done some crucifixions and found an Ossuary box and inscribed on it in ancient Hebrew was the name Jesus. They had a press conference in Israel on this find. For those who don't know, the boxes were used by the Hebrews to place the bones in of the deceased after the body decays. Also the program proved that the Romans did not uses a cross when they crucified people but it was the symbol X and this was in fact the early symbol of the Christians. They went to ancient churches in Israel and the surrounding areas and found inscribed in stone on every one of them the symbol X and the cross was not found at all.
The third reason is the Roman soldier with his Legion was sent to fight the "barbarians" in what is now Germany and he in fact became a great military leader. The program went to Germany and found in one museum a statue of this very Roman with his named inscribed just as the manuscripts stated.
They also state that Mary escaped to Cypress with her two sons. The program went to an ancient church there that was also being excavated and on the floor was found a large mosaic with the images and names of both Mary and Jesus and above Mary's head was the Moon indicating she was the Moon Goddess just as the manuscripts stated. Mary was dressed just like a Phoenician Priestess. They also found two graves, one identified as Mary and the other as one of her sons named Maxim. They could not locate the other.
So how did we get from Jesus the man to Jesus the savior? Look no farther than the very Romans. The Empire grew by occupying other lands and people and nobody likes being occupied. The Romans realized that they could use this movement and the message both Mary and Jesus preached such as "Turn the other cheek" which was much better for the Romans than the Hebrew's "An eye for an eye". Making Jesus a savior just added more emphasis to the message. The Romans not only allowed this movement to flourish, they pushed it out to all the lands they occupied.
We live in a fake world with fake history and fake religions who are actually used to control the masses and of course acting as intermediaries between those masses and a man made god!

M Ibrahim says:

Hey Bo, my birthday is on November the 7th. I noticed that is a final time cycle on your chart, the final day before the election. Just curious to know whether there is any significance in this? Was born on 11/07/1987. Thanks.

ed “russ20” do says:

On friday the market dropped and if it could not keep that top again from now, I guess Bo got this one right . next week is the last week of jubilee…

Light-bringer says:

Looks like Bo is really putting his neck on the line with this one.. lets wait a week and see what happens before we start throwing the kitchen sink at him

Todd Lavergne says:

Another top called wow! What was the screaming behind him. Someone should see if those kids are ok lol. I look forward to the next top called in a few months.

Ronnie Fattal says:

I actually agree with Bo about the bullish potential of the Precious metals, but I don't think that metals going higher must be alongside crashing stocks, not necessarily.

Ronnie Fattal says:

I actually thinks stocks are likely heading higher, I mean like a rocket, go ballistic and all the shorts will not only get killed, but will be totally confused. What if I am wrong, oh, yes , of course I could be wrong, but that's why you have critical levels of support to watch.
There is too much talk of a crash to really have a crash now, it comes when you don't really think it is possible. Again I could be wrong, but for now I see no danger.

Emmet Dicaprio says:

I have heard so much, now I want to see.

vincentyeo88 says:

when you know small investors are all fully invested, you know the end is near.
a stock market collapse takes no prisoners, and all those small investors will be left for dead.

fomalhaut says:

Well, it's time to shit or get off the pot. Polny has a terrible record but his call matches the call of many others and if the market survives 2016 Polny will have a bunch of unhappy company.

pandarama67 says:

Paper minus confidence equals paper. Great line! How about paper plus confidence equals trickery.

MORDHI1 says:

Let's give him this week as last chance

Neocharm says:

Although slides are mathematically correct, while now being manipulated can you still let the mathematical cycle be leading?
Gold and Silver bullion remains the nr. 1 preparation for your savings.

Kelly Black says:

I enjoy almost all the interviews on crush the street except the ones with this Bo guy, period.

jossandman says:

Are Junior Mining Stocks Going Down Also? Is It Wise To Sell Them Now? Thanks In Advance.

Andrew Schmidbauer says:

He has missed a bit but only by a day or two in either direction , been right on the gold and silver moves , called the top of the market , and it made a pretty good move down today , to the day he said it would , we'll see but pretty accurate

Fairfanx says:

Wtf? Screaming kids? Screaming kids are a fantastic focusing tool!

UltimateBargains says:

This guy is using mythology to predict the stock market?

kevin Cannell says:

Mining stocks will zoom ?

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