Game Over for Bitcoin

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Game Over for Bitcoin –

What’s the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today?

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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Borris Bortrude says:

Some good bitcoin trading ideas for this bear trend

Mathew Williams says:

im sorry but why are you at an amusement park lol

Chandra Singh says:

Game us just the beginning. Buy Buy Buy CRYPTO CURRENCY for upcoming bull run

Shredder • says:

I bought my first BTC around $500-$600 it got above 1100 then slammed back to under $100. Then back higher,the next time it passed 1000 it never came back down. This is what btc does! If you sell now you will be kicking yourself I have seen this many times NOTHING NEW HERE. Subbed.


Parabens pelo canal e pelo video…Nosso like…

Joshi says:

I don't know if I can trust you because in the background is despactio

Joshi says:

Wehre Thema f*** are you? Are in amusement Park?

jarhead0099 says:

You do realize you're contributing to the Fud with your sensationalist video title right?

CipherBay says:

Its only Game Over once you sell

It's Viral Now says:


chislo2011 says:

From my analysis, price is still going down. Do NOT buy yet.

Chuck A says:

This Crash is NOT equivalent to those in the past…
1. Before this year 1st World Nations didn't see Bitcoin/Crypto as a possible threat to their state-issued Currency.
2. Wall-Street didn't have their tentacles in the Crypto Market. Just like in the Financial Markets when the Pro's start playing 95% of Home Gamer's will lose money.
3. Early buyers did make mad money, but hype buyers have lost significant money and won't be back.
Decentralized Networks/APPS have a bright future but will probably come from Google/IBM/Microsoft/etc.

KingsRight says:

it is worth less than 2k guys. anyone buying now is stupid. the bubble hasn't popped all year.. just gradual decline until it reaches below that. then it will hover around that mark for 3-4 years and then come up again. So if you are holding.. you are going to have money tied up for a very long time.

Deepak Kumar says:

It's time to buy… invest as much as u can…….

John Wesley Lane says:

won't be long, we can buy all the bitcoin we want

D Bag Robot Gang says:

George, have you read about KuCoin emptying their offices?!!

Moise Nash says:

buy in the red and sell in the green geniuses!!!!

Dion Poscoliero says:

Only invested what I can afford, now there’s no chance I’m selling at a loss. If it’s gone it’s gone , but until that day comes, I’m holding for profits.

mimi yun says:

If you want to buy several hundred thousand bitc, won't you sacrifice 20 000 btc to down the price ? I would. and that's what's happenning.

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