GAP and RUN – Very Powerful Intraday Trading Strategy

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Gapup and Gap down trading strategies are very popular all over the trading world due to their simplicity. They normally dont require any complex indicators for entering into the trade. Here in this video I will explain how to trade stocks when they open with a huge gapup or gapdown.

For more information of gapup and gap down trading strategies you can follow the links given below or you can comment down.

Intraday trading strategy when stock opens at a gap up or gap down. This video explains how to trade when stock opens with a huge gap up or gap down.

learn gap up and gap down stocks trading strategy.
This is a very powerful intraday trading strategy and works very good if applied with good discipline.

For getting into better trades and entering into more profitable trades traders are advised to use further filters before entering into the trade.

link 1: https://www.squareoff. in/single-post/2017/04/05/Gap-Trading-Strategy

link 2: https://tradingsim .com/blog/day-trading-morning-gaps/

link 3: warriortrading. com

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Desclaimer: All trading activities and trading strategies carry substantial risk. This video is for purely educational purpose, the author is not responsible for your losses.


Somen Majumder says:

Hello can you pls give me you email id.

Azad Choudhury says:

Hi bro plz tell about first sell then buy and make profit ,i don't understand clearly about plz tell me

prince massi says:

U r awsom sir..?????

Sarah Carter says:

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naresh reddy says:

Hey Buddy from past three days I am checking it not working..only it worked for few stocks like ACC nd Biocon.Any comment from ur side?

Jit Sahu says:

thank you sir


sir why do u choose stocks that opens with gap up/down 1 to 2%, why not more than 2%?

Rajatjsr says:

What is your risk to reward ratio. As after the day is over u can look at the chart and say where to exit.

francis roy says:

your strategy looks convincing.
are you using 15 min charts to determine the breakout from gapups from the 1st 15 mins

Deep Sarkar says:

hey bro, I know it is kind of silly to ask but could you please explain the PIVOT POINTS a little more clearly and howdo they work on intraday trades. Couldn't find any helpful videos on youtube. Thanx 🙂

prince massi says:

Wao…Gud sir..

Mani Achyuta says:

please explain it in live.after market is open

Vishal Yagnik says:

How do you decide about Target as in this video you are talking about maximum profit in points and not in percentages. Can you suggest target.

Aseefsh 3002 says:

RSI, MACD addition will further guarantee the probable profit ….. Anyway Good video.

Ramdeo Shahu says:

Sir very poor audio. Please do something to improve the audio quality thanks

Nikunj Agarwal says:

how to know when to book profit

Akash Kad says:

as u saying that, take 15 min candle high low… but u r using 5 min candle in video

sajid sk says:

very nice

SKtheGEEK says:

what would be a ideal range defining time ?? i need viewers opinion.

Akash Kumar says:

this dosent work in crude oil

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