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The Gap Reversal Trade Setup Rules. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Gap reversal trade; gap lower and then reversal. Let’s look at the rules for trading this setup. We know that gaps can pinpoint areas where a lot of people are interested in doing business which for us as traders is a good time to get involved. Here are some rules for a gap trade we could potentially use to pinpoint the final blast of supply/demand in one direction before you get a shift and hopefully get on the end of a new trend or new reversal that could be very lucrative for us.

Gap Trading Strategy for Stocks
1) Gap open to 2 month low (for indices or stocks particularly, not really fx)
2) Price closes in top 50%
3) Price closes above the open
4) Buy above high on next day.
5) Hold for multiple days on a strong close.

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