Gaps on Trading Charts Reveal Profits! (Super Easy)

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Gaps on Trading Charts Reveal Profits!


What does a stock tell you, by gapping up, or gapping down?

Well, Peter Leeds shows you several penny stock trading charts with stocks which have gapped (either up or down). He then discusses what these patterns tell you about the trading psychology of investors.

Many of the trading charts focus on penny stocks, but there is also discussion and review of IBM, Tesla (TLSA), and McDonald’s (MCD).

Mentioned in this video are the following tutorials:

Understanding Japanese Candlestick Trading Charts:

Resistance Levels in Penny Stocks:

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What is an r/s?

Jon West says:

What happened to your dummies books on your shelf behind? For some reason I always fixate on them when watching lol.

GreatNilecom says:

Thank you for what you do !! I got some PLG at 0.54 , great call my friend !!

N V says:

'Largest purveyor of hear disease. MacD'. Bwahaha. Due to highest speculations/ complacency (Q ration and P/E ration) worldwide presently, my country's market is showing frequent gaps during openings..

Luis Francis says:

Peter, THANK YOU… I've been waiting for this particular video, I really appreciate you!

Sergey Eremenko says:

16:00 – fundamentally CYRX and KOPN are companies with no profits, and I don't understand people who are investing in such companies.

GB Trader says:

Make a living day trading earnings gaps.

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