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This is very nice I can see you guys did the right thing

So now we look at two to three very important prices and we mark them. They are the ones that we are going to use as our targets. On this case. If we are to enter on the m15 we would be looking at 1.28300 which is our main support here and 1.29100 which is our resistance area.

We don’t enter the market outside these two areas, anything you enter outside those will not be a high probability.

However, after looking on the higher timeframe H4 the overall direction is a downtrend. It has formed a head and shoulder pattern.

In simple term. It has broken out from our support area and tested the area which it has now turned from support to resistance area. It was unable to break it. H4 is creating a bearish confirmation candle. We wait and see what it does.

We will have our entry on m15. Tonight, we are expecting the market to consolidate around this area that is when it will form the box on our trend Matifier. So keep an eye, if it breaks downwards tomorrow, take a sell.


Kulani Davis says:

Nice one Mat,keep it broer very proud of u

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