Generating SRC Profits Here's How I Do It!

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What Are SRC Profits: 1:08
How To Generate SRC Profits: 5:36

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So let’s talk about what are “SRC Profits”:

1.) Systematic
I don’t know about you, but I want to make my profits in a systematic way. You know me, I like to trade what I see and not what I think. That’s why I use indicators. That’s why I have a trading strategy that tells me EXACTLY:
a) What to trade
b) When to enter and
c) When to exit – either with a profit or with a loss

In short, I have a SYSTEM. I trade based on RULES and not based on my gut feeling. When I switched to trading “what I see”, THAT’s when my trading turned around.

So let’s talk about the 2nd point:

2.) Repeatable
Without a system, it will be difficult to see repeat profits. Think about it this way:
Let’s say you caught TSLA when they announced the stock split. And let’s say you made 30% in a matter of a few days. Or maybe you traded options, and you made 1,000% in a few days. Can you do it again? Well, if you rely on the next stock split, then you might have to wait a few years!

Think about it this way:
Is it better to generate $10,000 on a single trade? Or is it better to know how to make $500 every single week? If you can make $500 every week, that would be $25,000 per year. I’d rather trade a system that’s generating $500 per week CONSISTENTLY than relying on windfall profits.

YES, these windfall profits WILL happen in your trading career. And it’s nice WHEN it happens. But I wouldn’t rely on it. This brings me to the next point:

3.) Consistent Profits
Let me give you an example. Would you rather a super volatile equity curve or one with
I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be on THIS roller coaster!
Even if it would make me more money that THIS === Show rational equity curve.
Yes, that’s right: I would rather make slightly less money but still have my hair instead of pulling it out like with THIS equity curve. And I’m not a nail biter, but if I had THIS equity curve, I would probably bite off all my nails.

So now you know what SRC profits are. And you know why you need them if you want to trade for a living.

My bread and butter strategy in the PowerX Strategy, and you can see how exactly I trade in a video that I created for you. It’s on the website my

Here’s something to remember: Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.

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TLogan94 says:

People listen to this guy! Buy his book!! You can still do this without the software he uses!!!! Once I have a few more trades under my belt, I will post my google doc of the track record.

Markus Heitkoetter says:

Are you generating "SRC Profits" yet? Let me know in the comments!

Will Daniels says:

Ty ty ty Markus
+553 1st 2 weeks of wheel trades
S R C !!!!!

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