Get Over the PDT Rule Now: Learn the Patterns I Use!

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Let the controversy begin! I think the PDT rule is a GOOD thing. Less is more. Here’s why…

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How do you get over the pattern day trader (PDT) rule? Should you get over it? Does it matter which broker you use?

Students ask me these questions all the time.

I don’t think there’s anything as controversial as the PDT rule in the trading world … Today I talk about what it really means and why. SPOILER: I don’t actually think it’s a bad thing.

In case you need a refresher, the PDT rule applies to all traders who have less than $25K in their accounts. It limits you to three day trades per rolling five-day period.

A lot of new traders complain about it. They think they should be able to trade as much as possible.

I’ll be honest … When I first started teaching, I thought the same thing. I thought it was un-American and unethical — the worst!

But after teaching for over 10 years, I actually think it’s the best rule possible.

I have five millionaire students and even more students earning six figures.* But I also have a ton of students who are struggling because they’re overtrading.

(*These results aren’t typical. Most traders lose money. All trading is risky. Never risk more than you can afford.)

I get it, you wanna earn. But first, you’ve gotta learn. You need patience. And the PDT rule forces you to be patient.

Remember: the PDT rule only applies to day trades. That’s where you enter and exit on the same trading day. You can have as many overnight trades as you want.

There are tons of plays that last overnight or longer … I’ll tell you about some of my favorite plays that I hold for three to four days.

Sure, I love a morning dip buy intraday trade. But these only work for the biggest gainers. Those don’t happen every day. There usually aren’t more than one or two per week. And that works just fine if you’re under the PDT.

Watch the video for some of my favorite setups — intraday, overnight, or longer … Focusing on mastering these patterns can help you become a stronger trader.

Leave a comment: Do you a) undertrade, b) overtrade, or c) are you still learning? A, B, or C? Be honest!

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment: Do you a) undertrade, b) overtrade, or c) are you still learning? A, B, or C? Be honest!

Krogzax Ants says:

I just save up $30.000 and start daytrading next year with just $3000/5000 and able to trade free ( i'm almost 100% sure i'm not going over 3 trades a week anyway ) The other $25.000/27.000 will be in long term high quality dividend stocks. Going to risk just $25 to make atleast $50 on each trade in the beginning. It's not about the money when you start it's your knowledge thats need to grow first. After consistently profitable trading i scale up to $50 risk to make $100 then $75 to make $150. Can't wait to start! 🙂

JiG NYCE says:

Over trader like a mf 🤦🏽‍♂️(probably bc I do the offshore cheating method lol)learning quickly though but you’re absolutely right especially for noobs bc it turns into a casino looking for instant jackpots 🤑…best way to burn up accounts-Fast!

Mike C says:

I came to find that I over trade. It worked for me fir a month then blew up my account. A agree with what your saying. I just enrolled in your super nova program. 👍🏽

Ross says:

im just starting

astrayen 20 says:

C, just learning

Taj Gray says:

Awesome video Tim, it depends on what types of market we’re in, but studying and trading

Marco A. Reyes says:

Im still learning and I have to work on choosing my trades properly

King Fran says:

C I’m learning

Danny Danger says:

Undertrade, I miss the big runners, and trade the small runners unfortunately, but I have seen many now and one day I’ll recognize one before the masses. $spi $pll $uone $kodk

ozankaya says:

C and overtrading… I'm in a vortex of death

Dread Falife says:

Hi Tim this is Paul Edwards from Delaware eye am still studying I have a small account but (let’s go study!!!!!!) I am ready to be a millionaire student and I understandI am just learning

Kevin Cherrington says:

I overtrade 🙁 My worst week was the week I found out that the PDT rule doesn't apply to cash accounts (which I have). Honestly though I'm still learning and honing the craft.

Leon Usher says:

Thanks for the lesson, new to trading, but can see that the PDT rule will only make me a better trader.Thanks again brother.

James Burke says:

C just learning, but I know myself enough that I expect to be an under trader.

Stephen Miller says:

Do you not use stocks to trade?

Paul Molina says:

I’m still learning. Don’t have the capital to study from an organized group/website, but I’m studying real hard with utube videos, reading, and paper trading each day for about 1 hr before work.

Lorena Gerardo says:

I'm still learning n studying!! Thx for da lesson!! I love it!!♥️🙏

Alex Drummond says:

Hey Tim, can you do another video on how to use screeners like Finviz (especially for FGD and supernova patterns)? I've found those to be really helpful. Thanks.

Craig McKee says:

Tendency to over trade but still learning!

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