Get Ready For A ”Severe” – Stock Market Crash Coming WORLDWIDE! 2018

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Bill W says:

This is from either x22 report or set report. You only deleted Dave or sean's questions to the speaker. Freakin' fraud YouTube again. Reported.

TwinTurbo CRYPTO says:

Just pull the plug already

Allan Harris says:

An ominous warning via pattern recognition:


Watch the bond markets… when this over inflated gas bag blows it's going to be a complete ? show… anybody trying to analyze the fakery of the stock markets or make any sense of the fiction is going to end up in a sewer…

Mark Nordgård says:

Bullshitt !!! Stock marked will go up tomorrow and NeXT week and gold silver will go Down tomorrow and the rest of the week

The ConspiRoycy Show says:

One word: silver

EMIP TV says:

Stocks are going to rally hard starting next week into year end. Thats what the charts are saying. Load up om calls now.

Sabrina Sinkewiz says:

Stocks were over evaluated, but there are other external conditions that influence how markets behave, the corporate companies are being crushed and pressured, some of them finding their way to Texas, tax benefits, however increasing unemployment, one of the main indicators. It’s been years that companies have been moving elsewhere and leaving empty cities, but no one talks about that, everyone wants to talk about the market, let me tell you it’s all interconnected with the financial systems, companies depend on banks, banks traders do their shady moves to gain at the expense of those who don’t know, China, Russia, India and other countries are dissatisfy dumping the TBills, debt, no longer confidence can be unstable and volatility can cause problems, of course these countries want what’s best for their own economy, so, what is left for those who are trying to survive, and btw Trump is using the immigration topics to avoid the massive information of whats going on..
in the last 5 years and just this year many companies closed down and many downsizing.., please I wish there is better YouTube channel that explain everything not just the markets.

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