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We are approaching a major inflection point!Is it time to back up the truck on silver? Are the markets about to break? My broad perspective is seeing a lot of technical inflection points converging in the next 24-48 hours. What kind of event will they pull to act as a distraction?


biophobe1989 says:

It's very interesting you should ask "what event will they pull off as a distraction". Please watch my video titles "spring equinox". i got the date of the prediction wrong but it is veeery relevant to what you just said. Should watch my other videos too

Russ Isaac says:

Nope, I don't agree!

Chandler Smith says:

If you're following the Q Anon stuff, and subscribe to the school of thought that Trump was brought in to reset the system and take power away from the central banks, then it makes sense to start a trade war. It makes sense to pull troops out of the middle East, to send troops to the border, to attack social media companies publicly, all of it. It'll be rough for awhile, especially for those who are unprepared, but this is a necessary change in global power structure. The world cannot prosper under a global banking cabal and their corporate minions.

kc ramone says:

Ehem….not trying to be a smartzz… its all relevant…

kc ramone says:

apr 5th 2018 earthquake…. whats the effect now?

Everythingbatmancollector says:

Yeah silver is really breaking out lol, what r ur qualifications?

Hugo petroni says:

And the prediction fail!!! Mmmmm

Preservation Of Capital says:

I guess only time will tell

mitch says:

and there are other supports there, which is what is going to cause a bit of a rally here. the 200dma, a trend line up from 15500, and the price shelf you noted. the drop on this decline was divergent in rsi, so no crash indicated. if price falls enough that the divergence is negated, ok. weekly stochastic is bottoming. i see it rallying the rest of this week. fear is subsiding, sentiment is turning, earnings coming will be decent.

mitch says:

sorry but crash talk is a pipe dream. this is just a simple correction, 10-15%. earnings are coming, and they will be decent. the market was waaaaaay overbought, so that has to be worked off, and it will take several weeks to months. but crash, sorry, nope.

Calvin Cooper says:

Hi Erin
I find it difficult to chart markets when there is such manipulation. Everything can change with a key stroke???

wayne mcclory says:

We have already seen the market top. This is a Global reset and it’s happening now open your eyes. Make sure you inform your family and friends or they will suffer badly,tell them to buy gold and silver.

richard rowlodge says:

i think its just a market kept floating as long as people believe it can no matter what the signs are ,its all fantasy like someone just writing in a book what happens next.

ilona murry says:

How goes that market crash of yours you predicted would happen 2 days ago within 24-48 hrs? I thought so.

Satisfyingf Videos HD says:

chess747 says:

Run for the hills, another YouTube video, predicting another crash, every year I see the same drama playing out, America is going to crash. American debt is nothing, markets crash, but that's the way they work. Warren Buffet quoted the debt saying, so if he says that, and his money is in the market, than you're quite safe knowing, he knows what his talking about !!

Ted BURKE says:

You are correct however I'm wondering if chat technical analysis will work because we have a manipulated Market you know the plunge Protection Team and all that

jefftri says:

Isn't the bond market 2-3 times the size of the stock market?

kaybronson100 says:

1. Clickbait

Dierk Milum says:

They will throw the dollar under the bus to save their precious stock market. Hyperinflation iin my humble opinion

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