GLOBAL STOCK MARKET SELLOFF! Markets Tumble as Volatility Goes Haywire!

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The Money GPS says:

Insane level of contagion globally! The vix just went from non-existent to a very high in no time.

Do you think this will continue?

Alex Devin says:

Anyway its just about money, or lies.
Money in paper is unmoral they said

Alex Devin says:

It maybe call a wake up Barbies.

Taylor Collins says:

I follow US equities, the VIX, DXY, bonds, commodities and Asian markets. VIX has gone down since you posted this video and DOW gained 560+ points in a single day. Volatility is high but treasury yields at the 10 year are not too bad, hovering around 2.80 (30 year at around 3.06). There is still fuel in the tank for them to continue pumping this up for a bit more… TPTB are trying to shake out weak hands before another pump up…

To Pi says:

Trust me this market will regain all value before June and then some

Jiggajig Jones says:

The six hundred sixty six on the 33 rd day of the year…hmm…what a ‘coincidence’….

Lao Mark says:

Hi, I've been eagerly awaiting for this day for 2 yrs at the minimum… suggestions for you
1) label that ?? on your VIX chart history as "RETURNING TO REASON" (it is a process and it will come down of course)
2) instead of using every time on Money GPS.."you came here for the TRUTH…" change it to "if came here for the FACTS…." Truth is relative my friend, who I follow often, but FACT IS FACT. I suggested this more than once before but you "did not get it". Using the relative word TRUTH weakens your point, but using FACT, it strengthens it; of course for the ones who think with reason….

Nilz4FR says:

watch them pump the Dow right back to 30k and squeeze all those shorts which will feed those never ending bulls

armand alec says:

It was up today 590

tim zamp says:

MOAB the market now

Truth says:

The market has tanked !! Oops 600 point rebound today. Dow 30k coming by 2019.


Everything's fine…keep calm…check your Facebook…drink more fluoride. This was just a test. How'd we do?

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

Small caps 6X overpriced, large and mid-caps about 4X overpriced.

No Name says:

Thanks David. As usual. Economy still dodgy here in N. Alberta.

parker carbad says:

Gold is that dip,long term its solid !

vincent parlante says:

I do feel that we could see even more declines and more importantly?? I feel that we will see many days of ups and downs and more downward trends that what the lame stream media is leading on ….there are a couple of gentlemen that have made it there business to study and monitor the U.S. economy as well as to have made some very serious global predictions that many laughed at until the stark and very serious events happened . If this country goes into a systematic financial collapse as previously predicted ?? And this country can't find another country to our debt ?? Then we certainly will go off the financial cliff and into a serious free fall that most Americans ?? Could not begin to wrap their brains around. In close ?? If the Dow dips like some speculate that it could ?? We could see the Dow drop unlike any recent previous drops or economic collapses so … I really hope that we all are ready for that possibility of an event. Parachutes as also in the past may not be able to help all that much either.

Wiktor Jespersen says:

As long as they keep printing buy the dip.

HermitTheFrog says:

Deep-state spasm.

Fox Shame says:


H. Carson says:

Buy now….. stocks and cryptos to pay off BIG!!! Check it in March & April.

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