Gold Bounces From Key Level | Trading

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Gold bounced once again from the $1300 area last week and is currently trading at $1345.

Traders saw another price action move from the precious metal, the fourth in the last several months. $1300 has acted as a solid support and formed the bottom line of a range that has an upper boundary around $1360.

The probable trade war between the U.S. and China had some impact and pushed prices higher on Thursday but will it be a factor this week?

Here to discuss the important levels for the coming days is trading expert David Jones. If you have any questions for him, you can use the comments section.


Pellyis Evans says:

about the trading 212 app it’s easy to put on a trade with a click of a button I would prefer a disclaimer before putting on a trade

Christie Diamond says:

Thank you very much hiahiahia

No More Marxist BS says:

I wonder how the launch of Petro Yuan will affect gold, USD and oil.

Sydney Ssesanga says:

Good work , David
It's tricky letting profits run some times trailing stops gets whipsawed and when I leave the stop untouched profits turn in to a loss , how do you handle this,
Like recent great moves I had gold long on 1308.78 and out on the whipsaw with few pips also had AUSJPY sell 84.335 while got stopped out the next day then it sold like a water fall, thanks

Paul Jones says:

Thank you for the update as always

phil G says:

what do you think of REIT and monthly dividend stocks?

Apples Pears says:

Please please help usdjpy any chance of it going up

Some Guy says:

That's gonna break up 99.9% certain. Fear evidence

Aitor Jara says:

Thank you for your insights. Would you do an update on btc? it's at $8.000 support right now. Thanks

Simon Muzib says:

Can you share chart of Silver and its future direction possibilities?

Air Elegant says:

Come on gold. Gold gold gold! I mean go go go!

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