Gold Chart Analysis in 2020 | Can Uptrend Keep Going?

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As we near the end of 2019, analysts express a very divided opinion on the outlook on the gold price in 2020. While some fear that gold prices are very likely to be capped this coming year, others are fairly optimistic about a continued upward movement of the gold chart.

As reasoning for the latter, analysts refer to the June 2019 breakout of a six-year base that created this overall new bullish trend. September of this year then saw a correction that is just about complete now and should be followed by an uptrend in the gold chart analysis. Furthermore, expectations include the price of gold to start challenging key resistance in the range of $1750 – $1800 in 2020. And by the time we reach 2021 or 2022, our gold prediction is for a breakout above $2000. In fact, that could very well occur even sooner on what next year’s elections result in.

As for the long-term gold price analysis, there’s strong reason to believe that this bullish gold price forecast 2020 will progress into later years as the global debt super cycle begins to implode. Namely, we could quite possibly be looking at gold prices reaching and every surpassing $7500 – $10,000.

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Jools Cornwell says:

Gold one chief. David I wish you and everyone at Cap a very Merry Christmas and fantastic new year.. .
J rock n Roll 😉❌

Edwin Jansen says:

Where is the video explaining why it will go down….?! 😜😉

Don Roberts says:

I am not two nuts shy of a fruitcake ; Please refer to the the value of Gold Long term , not 2-3 years it is a hedge against global tensions and inflation . Gold and silver has been and IS true value of wealth for over 4000 years, before all fiat currencies. This is mere and simple macroeconomics . Great information , but short sighted !!

Dave T says:

come on charts are gay

zazzleman says:

still a long way to go to get back to the 2011 highs.

changbooger J says:

All these youtube gurus are bullish, makes me wanna short

Dolev Mazker says:

keep it up man

JNS says:

The only reason I need to hold physical gold and silver, is the green stuff in my wallet! The entire financial system is on a path to total collapse. You can only get away with printing more money, creating massive debt, and telling people it's backed by the 'full faith and credit', for so long. The music will eventually stop!

Johannes Bekker says:

The price fluctuates but the intrinsic value remains exactly the same.

T says:

Newbie question : How do I know..where do I look see the strength of the USD?

TheBald1 says:

I still can't believe that silver is so undervalued now.. Buy all you can afford now.. A low-cost way to invest in silver is by coin roll hunting with half dollars… I found #18 40% out of 10 rolls last week and #2 90% Franklin's

TheBald1 says:

There's nothing better than panning gold and watching a video about the gold market.. Can't get any better

Alexandru Vlad says:

I think chances are higher that it will go lower towards 1400 before rallying to 1500s again, its easier for gold to go down than up and demand has actually been a bit lower than last year because of higher prices. Only a massive drop on the stock market would help gold rally again…if the us job unemployment report is great for december again its going to go down. In the long run one, two years id be bullish but on the short them 3-4 months id be a bearish. Great analysis.

nick hatzi says:

Last time as u remember-in September – gold was above 1500 and I told Back then that it will crash. Till November. .it falling but not crash this time frame. ..but I continue the bearish campaign I see next 2-3 months we see much much lower the world entry slowly to deflation period with strong dollar and 3 digit gold price

Mostafa Amin says:

I believe that long term will see 1570

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