Gold Cycles and Trading Ideas

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An in-depth view of the Gold Cycles from a short-term and long term perspective. Gold discussion starts at min 05:00 if you want to skip my introduction and Chit-Chat
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Bob Loukas says:

To all, just "off the cuff" market commentary and Cycle's education. So sorry in advance if it feels unstructured, that's just how I think. 😉 Thanks for being here and watching the video, please follow if you like and I will plan to release one video per week going forward. I also try to answer as many questions as I can.

Wayne Meier says:

hey mate can you do another video on gold this week

leipe Loetje says:

Bob thanks 🙂

Kris Bullock says:

Thank you once again for the great content. You might consider posting links to your paid services in the description.

Paul Faulkner says:

Brilliant. Love your analysis. Particularly eager to hear your trading strategies – TP targets and keeping these realistic.

SmallersCY says:

Bob, where can I trade gold online?

CryptoMD says:

Thanks Bob!

Kurt Smock says:

YouTube has become a better place with you bringing the value! ♥️
Really really excited about your time series ideas.

Tina Cliff says:

Thanks Bob!

Sonpollo says:

Looks like a cup formation

Sonpollo says:

I bought gdxj at around 34.00 6 months ago. Should I sell and buy lower in the next dip or just hold?

Andrew Neil says:

Thanks for your time and effort Bob!

Adam Pochee Wild Oak Carpentry says:

keep it up 🙂

stephen power says:

Thanks Bob, awsome video with more insight into trading cycles- look forward to your tips on how to trade these for bitcoin. would love it if you had a go at ethereum, although i doubt there is sufficient evidence historically to determine this, however, hearing that there is a link between alts and bitcoin. if you have anything to add on that front, would be glued.
thanks again

TheMoneyTrail says:

I really appreciate the content you post. With my next paycheck, I will be subscribing to your page because your content is amazing. Chat soon

Vivien Bonzo says:

What great content and such useful charting analysis. Thank you Bob!

Humble Ben says:

Great content. How about one the silver market cycles?

wuasile kerpici says:

Please make a video with brokers and platforms you would recommend to trade on , because there are a lot of scams out there!
Can be even a short video , would be great to see on which platforms you trade

Nathan Dudson says:

Really appreciate the content, keep it coming! ?

Krypto Koning says:

Is that a cup and handle i see?

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