Gold-Making Quickie #2 – Flipping Items on the Trading Post – Guild Wars 2

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Welcome to a new series aimed at giving Guild Wars 2 players some quick tips to making some gold.

While this second video may not be so quick, I do provide some instructions on how to buy and sell things on the Trading Post for a profit.

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david key says:

Great and love ,gw2 is my favourate

Purply says:

Eternity for 3100g.. Now it's about 5000g cries in a corner

c1rcu1tn3rd says:

wow silver dye then was 1.39. now its 4.49. ridiculous

derekthe mattressman says:

cool stuff

Julian Hofman says:

great video! tried looking into this earlier. but now I fully understand. As you adviced I'll be flipping some cheap items when I have nothing to do.. gold I can miss. invest it in the future ^^

CurlyTop1492 says:

You sound like Kermit. Haha. No offence

None dies virgin, life fucks us all. says:



EbonZEN says:

Has the new patch with regards to dyes now usable account wide deterred from profit margins on the Trading Post, or is this still a viable outlet for making some scrap silver/gold?

Michael Nissim says:

What armor skin u using? U look great! :D

searcherz99 says:

Are dyes still a viable tp flipping item? There is now (in theory) much less demand for dyes than there were since the update

Matt Light says:

which is the name of those daggers?

gearlock trinity says:

Thanks for the clear and concise info!

Tickwick says:

The intro cracked me up.

Z34L J4K3 says:

I only liked this for vomitting math.

Happy Chappy says:

u said this isn't really the best way to make gold and I saw u have 271g how do u make gold

· 0xFFF1 says:

if you haven't found this out already, the scroll wheel can be used to increment/decrement numbers in entry fields within gw2.

Rikucis100 says:

This is a good evonomy plan il give it a try. :)

paulnz1 says:

Great vid. Appreciate a way to make money, as i am always broke 😀 one request would be a "best way to make money with crafting" vid.. as i love crafting but really struggle knowing what sells best to supplement my crafting costs. THANKS

Jeszie Fred says:

exact same shit as runescapes grand exchange

Bog Otter says:

Yes but if the market moves on and you don't feel it will ever come back to where you listed the item, it's better to take the 5% hit then to leave the items there for eternity.

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