Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Trading Higher After Chinese Return From Holidays.

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In this video I cover the markets early on Monday, October 10th, 2016. I look at gold, silver, bitcoin, the stock market and Deutsche Bank.

I also talk about the Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump last night in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Prepared Wombat says:

Presidents cannot appoint special prosecutors. The Attorney General can do so, but not as ordered to do so by a President.

sluggosloan says:

I enjoy your channel thank you!

Arnaud C says:

i like when you say " contraring views" keep it !!!

dwardt1 says:

The so-called main stream media in the US is the propaganda arm of the US government. They are completely out of touch with the average american citizen and extremely underestimate the disgust of the public with the elitist rulers.

Rich Cat says:

short – brilliant update, thank you

Debar Dogma says:

Well gold and silver are very boring and don't produce anything while you hold them… but they do provide near FULL protection against theft by inflation and taxation.

trainwreck1993 says:

What happened to the flag pillows ?
A 45 trillion dollar derivatives market is just chump change for a big bank !
Stupid tax payers will always bail them out .
The guy already in front of the bank begging money on the street has some
big competition .

TimmyChonga says:

"Fake news and fake markets"…correct Maneco64! You hit the nail on the head!

Colorado420 says:

More tax-payer bail-outs ahead, with no consequences for the criminal bankers, per usual.

Breanna Conrad says:

Thank you soo much so sharing this information,
Hashflare is a great place to get started cloud mining Bitcoin. Like this Video!!

BaronGoldBaron says:

I was expecting Gold and Silver to take of to the Moon with the return of the Chinese. What happened? Nothing just a little increase. So all of the talk about the cartel taking advantage of the Chinese holiday was just hot air from the pundits.
As for the Brexit vote the reader poll everyday in the Telegraph was showing 75% for Brexit. The powers that be tried their best but they just couldn't rig the vote to remain.

workwillfreeyou says:

I didn't see Jill Stein at the debate? Two Party= One Party.

marcus aurilius says:

i would watch gold and silver carefully, sentiment is fed is going to raise rates, which means dollar gonna go up and those precious metsls as well as emerging markets are going to go down.

whydotheheathensrage says:

The NEOcons and federal reserve banksters fear Trump. Thats why every main stream media news outlet has Trump in the cross-hairs.

Michael F says:

+maneco64 so Trump not answering questions, arguing and butting in all the time is winning? I thought Brits didn't like thuggish bully behavior like his? He's as much a liar as she is, or haven't you looked into the past 40 years of his life? Or doesn't character matter any more. If it did, neither of these evil people would be up on the stage, but that's America…fake news, fake markets and fake leaders.

Bruce M says:

Trump won. Clinton should be in jail

Peter Morris says:

very informative…keep up the good work.

TheBitcoinArmy says:

trump situation defo feels like brexit

Rob Abreu says:

Yes, I think he won too. Trump is not stupid, he knew how to conduct a hostile take over of the Republican Party and so on ….. I think his first debate performance wasn't very good, but that's what he intended. I wondered then, and I wonder now, if his tactic in the first debate was to get Hillary to show what her tactics will be and to lull her into a false sense of security, both of which he did. "IF" I'm right, he'll move in for the kill in the third and last debate. I wonder too what Wiki Leaks may still release. For the record, I saw a screen shot of Chelsea Clinton sitting with Bill Clinton both with a not so good look on they're faces. I have zero respect for Bill, he should go to jail with Hillary, but I really feel bad for Chelsea. She didn't choose her parents, but she has to bear the burden of they're public scandals.

Annie Farmer says:

THANKS for sharing this morning!

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