GOLD & SILVER STRATEGY: Questions that Never got Answered- Lynette Zang 6-12-18

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David L-The RMB gold prices are over 8,000. How is that ???

Monica- What will happen to U.S. Savings Bonds during a reset/crash/whatever? Is it generally a good ide6-12a to redeem them now (even if they’re not fully matured) and use the proceeds to buy tangible assets…or is it okay to keep them earning interest? Will our savings bonds disappear in a reset?

Russ-Government always change their minds. Why does Lynette really think they will hold their promise to end LIBOR?

Niko -Are their other factors that could cause a crash at anytime, or is it just the LIBOR contracts issue that could do it?

Dot Bart-When the global reset takes place and the price of gold is set free will gold prices float freely backing the currencies?

Debra-what will happen to credit card debt, back taxes owed, etc., during a reset?

Tony B-Is it better to sell your home now and get a better one when the economy goes into correction mode?

Darrel- If China has setup an exact monetary policy system as the US doesn’t that mean the fiat system eventually is going to be the same? If so, how is that better?

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pm6550 says:

If there is a planned ban on cash for digital currency, and there is a gold confiscation and a ban from using it too, how can I value or exchange my gold to go buy something when I need to?

Horselackey says:

sigh.. we older people who hate economics…even with a degree..and IQ in gifted range are wandering into a foreign realm… Home paid for, a 401K with 'something' in it. Buying small amounts of coins… drying food… is there an "Simple Ignorant Persons Guide" to not getting creamed in the Reset?…I am not sure I trust anyone anymore, especially "professionals" and "institutions"….(other 'nice people' I know are oblivious and trust the 'system' and don't want to "know"… ) Of course spouses are resistant from 'doing crazy things'…and I am leary about cryto currencies at our age… it is like "the cloud"…what stops it from just 'wisping away'…;0)

Liberty Lackey says:

what about the lower-middle class who cannot afford gold , Who has $1300 "just" laying around in my world ? It's a rhetorical question 🙂 For us poorer folks we stack silver, @ $17 we all can get in on. Maybe some crypto but watch out for the shit coins, stick with bitcoin even if it's just a fraction.

cristian rivera says:

Great Q&A as always. Love that you answer about buying gold with bitcoin because I was thinking spending some to buy gold. Thanks!! 🎖🎖🎖

William Bolton says:

It's past time to put the FED out of business. It's a criminal operation designed to transfer wealth from the ordinary citizen/wage earner to the elite bankers. William Cooper says that one of the reasons JFK was assassinated (by the globalists) was because he was planning to issue a new US currency that would have destroyed the FED. Unless the FED is abolished, participants, current and former, are prosecuted and their assets redistributed, we will continue to play the game by their rules, and we can see how that goes (unless we're in denial or are deceived by "experts" on the FED's payroll).

Charles Wilson says:

I think its too late for America and Americans. Time to take the medicine, may have to for the next 10 years.

ThinkOrDie says:

intro looking official af

Andy McDonald says:

The people who are in control of the factories that depends on cheap silver for items like computers , television, phones, etc etc.. will be the problem… what are your thoughts?

Roger Carpenter says:

Well Lynette to quote in several videoed you manufactured, you stated that silver will see 600 to 1k. So if that's true? It won't take TOO much to make a BIG purchase. Gold Good! SILVER Better to middle class and below..

Elwood Hurrin says:

Lynette, If I buy Gold and the Gov. confiscates it why should I buy it

Oscar Windham says:

Lynette, you sound like someone with a limited knowledge of the subject matter you are giving advice on and please allow me this observation and correct me if I'm wrong. Gold is a commodity, not a currency and though gold may be in use somewhere on the planet as a currency, it is uncommon and history has proven time and again that because of the volatility of this commodity, it will never be a reliable type of currency. Gold, for most practical purposes is useless. The major usage for gold world wide is for body ornamentation (primitive, heathen practice), jewelry. The government pricing of gold is $42.22 per troy ounce since the seventies, unless recently changed and if you want to see that cash is now king and always has been king during bad economic times, simply look-up the price history of gold for the last 100 years and take special note of the price of gold during the Great Depression. The only reason why gold has risen to such unreasonable high prices in the last couple of decades or so is because of panic driven marketing. If you are interested in an overall fair perspective of economics today, then read my book titled, (*revised 2nd edition*) "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

Tulips Moran says:

Gold is consumed in electronics similar to silver. All modern TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, tablets and many other electronics have some gold in them which is why there are programs to turn them in for upgrade credit or money. In fact, recycling collection facilities actually reclaim both gold and silver from electronics received for recycling. For example:

Smartphone – 10 troy oz gold per ton or 10,000 phones
Laptops – 5 troy oz gold in 200 laptops
Desktop Computer – PC circuit board (commodity typically bought from Asia weighs about a pound) a ton of those circuit boards yields 5 troy ounces of gold.

Tulips Moran says:

Bankruptcy laws protect you against non-collateralized debts regardless of variable or fixed rates. If hyperinflation jettisons current credit card debt beyond consumer's ability to repay, they can file bankruptcy on that debt just like they're doing today. I don't believe taxes owed can be discharged by bankruptcy.

Martha Villanueva says:

Love the Q/A !

Mark Nordgård says:

why do gold crash and silver stay strong ???

TNT TV says:

How many more quarter point raises can the FED initiate before the markets unravel??

Jill Thorneycroft says:

The head of the worlds Central Banks is the BIS in Switzerland. Central Banks are privately owned. They buy a lot of gold. He who has the gold makes the rules. The Pope and the UK monarchy ware the Swiss cross on their official uniforms. The Central Banks create the world paper and digital currencies out of thin air.

Christopher Bussell says:

Holding less cash and more small gold, silver, copper metals ready for hyper inflation. This is to take advatage of transactions in real money not fiat. Small income earners can still benefit from gold, silver and copper physical.

Christopher Bussell says:

When the best time comes to sell gold and silver, will you advise us all? Like you said 2 years before than 1 sec to late?

Moonraker says:

Hello lynette I'm Iitalan and live in Italy what I would like to ask is having present what's happening here could we fall into recession before everyone else

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