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Have a Happy Safe and Profitable trading, Jai Hind.


Satya Krishnamraju Avvari says:

Very useful videos, please make a video on how to trade in gold options in live. You deserve more subsribers

sayeesh.z sayeesh.z says:

Crude oil lo trade vesi chupinchandi Bro. ..

kals ss says:

Hi Bro, thanks for sharing your knowledge…. can you please share dedicated video on Silver trading? I tried with little knowledge and got huge loss..want to learn

dileepkumaragaram dileepkumar says:

sir fyres lo tools explain cheyandi pls

Jaya Ramesh Kadi says:

anna fyers lo thematic investment gurinchi oka dedicated video cheyandi

chweet kasi says:

Bro Where can I find your paid channel details?

Murali Kakileti says:

Mee explanation never before ever after

Ramakrushna Dosapalli says:

Nothing is better than something….I learned something , thank you so much bro 👍👏🙏

parthasarathi reddy gadige says:

Super brother

Naga Durgarao says:

Bro intlo vallu cos lo cheptunaru enni cosulu equal to grams


Nice explanation brother

krishna prasad says:

Bro options bullish ga vunnappudu correct strikeprice ela select cheskovalo cheppu bro..ITM ATM or OTM which one buy…???

Shankar R says:

Sir Fyers lo intraday Nifty option selling ki entha capital undali ???

satyam reddy says:

Which software are you using to prepare the vedios,plz let me know sir

Share For A Change says:

Great subject bro…
Meeru super bro.

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