Gold Waits For Direction While Oil Makes New Highs | Trading

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Gold still can’t break above 1365 and fulfill buyers dreams of a breakout above that resistance level. It was an even lower level that thwarted them last week – 1350 proved too much.

Support levels on the downside are at 1320 and 1300, that’s where there’s likely to be either a turnaround or a stronger move south.

The ECB interest rate announcement on Thursday and GDP data from the U.S. on Friday are expected to give it a push.

In the meantime Crude Oil has continued its rally and managed to climb as high as 69.52 on Thursday. It’s what bulls have been expecting/dreaming about for quite some time now and 70 could be there for the taking.

You could say it’s a psychological barrier and a consistent jump above could prolong the rally but bulls are hoping it will prove to be a bridge too far.


Steve Burris says:

Will miss you David. Best wishes to you in your new direction. Hope our paths cross again!

Gregory Epp says:

You should have mentioned OPEC for both 2014 fall and it's new rise. They just announced they would keep reducing its production.

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no!! don't leave james bond!

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Trevor Petrini says:

What is the program you are using in your videos?

maria estrella caoili says:

i really hope will move its bullish trend. Great thanks and God Bless David

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