Goodbye Haters | Tricks To How I Made Millions Trading Penny Stocks

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Read my newest article at as it’s insane to be on the front page of in Australia! Welcome to all my new Australian students who are messaging me nonstop, hopefully, this video answers some of your questions, go apply at to be mentored.

0:10 Just found out I’m on the front page of in Australia:

2:00 I am a teacher, I want more millionaire students. If you have the wrong mindset or the wrong attitude it doesn’t matter what I teach you about the stock market, trading and penny stocks it won’t work.

4:00 It’s not all about having fun when I travel, I also give back. It’s very important to me to give back.

6:00 You have to study the stock market, you have to focus on your dreams so you can achieve goals like traveling and giving back.

8:00 I do a lot to help my students learn how to trade penny stocks. Don’t feel like you have to travel, that’s what motivates me. Your dreams and goals may be different and that’s ok.

11:00 Most of my top students start with a couple thousand dollars. You have to start somewhere when you learn the stock market.

14:00 My situation is very unique and everything that I’ve done over the past two decades trading penny stocks has brought me to this place where I can teach you how to trade in the stock market.


Johann Ponciano says:

I am learning your tricks….

Abner Bryan says:

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Dragon's Lair Fermenters says:

I want to learn (& am learning) your tricks.

Patrick Dusseault says:

hey Tim I just subcribed and i would like yo kno w your strategies. Thank you. By the way, where haveyou gone in australiaand are you still there? I lived there for a year and a half and I am sure I could posibly send you on some prety great adventuers. Also, I really like that you do so much charety work. in my family, we do and did a lot of that, all over the world, I would like to make myself more financelly secure to continue that tradition, could you help me please, so that I may help so many others. I appreciateyour time, thanks again.

Effata Stark says:

I want learn your tricks

Mellow Party says:

I want to learn your tricks.

Denis S says:

I need to learn your tricks!!!

L. Jermaine Russell says:

I want to learn your tricks!

Codi with an I says:

I wanna learn your tricks man. I need to learn it to because I would rather stay in the crypto space for now and move over when I see success with these stocks/coins. I want to use your teachings there to make 10% daily gains or a 5%loss depending on the market, thanks so much Tim.

Chug harris says:

I Want To Learn Your Tricks

Ron Tolliver says:

I want to learn your tricks

Nicolas Doyle says:

I accel in everything I do, watch out Grittani!

Dušan Grgič says:

Thank you for all the work you do. 🙂 And its not Lamborghini, its a way of life. Thx. 🙂

Bao Xiong says:

I like weird! Better than being normal like what society thinks ☺️ I know this is my calling!! I’ll be done with school in the next few wks so I’m going to keep reading, watching, studying etc. can’t wait to start!

Big Boss says:

i want to learn your tricks

Jonathan Luhmann says:

Hey Tim! Traveling full time is my goal as well! Just bought that Complete Penny Stock Course book and your American Hedge fund book. Will be signing up for the challenge soon!

Chris Bullen says:

I want to learn your tricks!!!

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

Antonio Hawkins says:

Your charity is the best part!!! Im inspired to do what you do. How did you get started with your charity? What inspired you to become this type of person?

Ikhwan Ramlan says:

I want to learn your tricks!

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