Government Shutdown Again !!! – 2019 Stock Market CRASH – PETER SCHIFF (Feb 15th,2019)

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Report Date: February 2019

The very mention of the term, stock market crash can be rather intimidating.You are reminded of panicked sellers, huge losses, and a sense of gloom across the trading floors.Almost inevitably, being stuck in a stock market crash remains every investor’s worst nightmare.You undertake series of precautionary measures to safeguard against a potential crash.But it is not the market crash alone that you need to take into consideration.You have to take into account the various economic ramifications before and after a crash and its bigger impact on the overall development process.

So how would you define stock market crash?

In very simple terms, the stock market crash definition would be any sudden and drastic fall in stock prices across a major cross section of the stock market.

Invariably, you would notice that a crash in the market is driven by several factors like panic, economic aspects and many other related factors.

1. Correction or Crash
2. Stretched Valuation
3. Rapid Fall in Prices within a Very Short Time
4. Stock Market Crash of 1929 as an Example

What Causes Stock Market Crash
1. Panic Selling:
2. Quantitative Trading:
3. Economic Policy:
4. Political News:
5. Geo-Political Development

How Many Times Can the Market Rally on the Same Good News? – We had a lot of news today that was supposedly good news which provided the extra catalyst for the market. The question, of course, is, “How many times can the market rally on the same good news? One of the pieces of good news was the fact that it looks like maybe there is some kind of compromise on the border that will avert a second government shutdown, and that is supposedly good news. Of course, we’ve been having this type of good news over and over again. Also, on the trade front, there were some rumors that the negotiations were going well (some of these rumors started by Trump), so when the market hears that, and that they will probably extend the deadline. If the negotiations were really going great, they wouldn’t have to extend the deadline.

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I think it is time to talk about CAFRs or Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

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