GREGORY MANNARINO – The Collapse Of All Collapses & Stock Market Crash 2017

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Report Date: May 13th,2017

Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

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coyote coyote says:

Get silver before satan's Goddamn jew fed debt "dollar" crumbles into dust.

Joost MIT says:

Cash is going to bitcoin !

jamesandrew62 says:

Really clear explanation of what a bubble is, thankyou for your clarification.

Rich Simmons says:

How there be any "recovery" when the
Top 1 % owns 99 % of everything
and still continues to consolidate the last 1 % ?
The obscene gap between the rich and the poor
continues to grow larger grow every year
The wealth of the world has been "HiJacked" by a handful
of greedy evil Jews

doug aussie says:

Another doomsday prediction. China just announced it was going to embark on a huge global infrastructure spend, super rail into Europe, super ports in Africa, cleaning out the Mekong river for ships to travel up. There are trillions of dollars in infrastructure spending being planned, so any stockmarket "correction" is going to be short lived, and don't forget the battery revolution, or medical revolution, or robot revolution or the fact that a third of the worlds population is just starting to get on the consumer bandwagon. Housing bubbles only burst if everyone goes broke or is unemployed, don't see it happening anytime soon.

Ryan Williams says:

how's precious metals doing? you fucking retard!

George Mazur says:

WE are in the early stages of a new mega bull market ,,,,,,,even Cuban says that re AMZN,,,,,,buy stocks period

mark wilson says:

north korea latest missile test makes mockery of the usa . the us are asking for further sanctions its the only option for them these days lol nobody are scared of military threats anymore

Jeffthe Maori says:

If some huge collapse happens and someone showed up at my farm with gold or silver to exchange for farm animals or vegetables all they will get is a lead pill straight through their chest and thrown in the river to feed the fish, so-called precious metal will be useless to me…

Roy Corlett says:

Been saying this for years!!!! The world markets nice and steady no bad days seen….. you'll keep posting this shit every year till it happens and we all know it happens

Steve Cunningham says:

you guy's say one thing then on someone else's program that have recommendations say another thing. i don't think anyone has any idea

Tony cardiff says:

In my little opinion as a small time trader the market is too heavily controlled by AI protocols. dollar drops stocks rise everyone says this is due stocks being cheaper following day dollar rises and stocks rise again people say ah its because of confidence, we are just fitting stories to the crazy rocketing prices. company stocks have profit rise of 20c and the stock rises 15% its a joke and only people making money is 1%. Friday we have the largest cyber attack and markets reaction? it rises with the nas closing at the very very top of a new record. NK threatens to turn the USA to ash and again test fires missiles result markets go up. yes a crash is going to happen over 15% rise in a few months for a market that's as old as it is can only be classed as a melt up and the reason? if you truly understand compound interest then its last man standing will be the richest. anyone with any brains would be shorting everything but with spikes like this its quickly closing their positons.

WrhuthAdaft says:

Enlighten me for I have a low IQ (and corispondingly poor comprehension of economics)
What if everyone remains poor forever and the market volitility never improves?I mean if the printed money never enters the market and is just soaked up into the government and banks, how would inflation happen?
If this is possible and hyperinflation is never triggered , would that be a slow gradual collapse (and since the ecomemy recovers slowly over time the system never FULLY collapses, just continueally gets shittier for a long while before once again improving)?

Peter Myers says:

I don't see a specific event taking place, rather what you describe will manifest as more of a process.

John Jones says:

You can look at the builders profit ebitad to get an idea of what is happening in houses. But those stats can be manipulated.The banks give you an idea also

Peter Myers says:

It's inevitable but I don't think it's imminent.

John Jones says:

Stocks and bonds have to go down before the metals move

Vikash Tirkey says:

please don't say collapse, when you don't know the timing of its occurrence

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