Guess How Much Cash I Have In This Drawer?

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Get inspired by this kind of money and apply at to be my next millionaire students…it’s not easy, but with a ton of hard work & guidance from my already-created-from-scratch millionaire students & I, it is possible…don’t close the drawer on opportunity/your financial future, I know I’m cheesy as hell, but I’m also real so utilize my nearly 2 decades of experience and you too can learn to master the stock market!


luke santos says:

Exactly 300,000$.

Sara Basher says:

Give me some man

Anuj Raman Chowdhary says:

thanks for these videos Tim , they motivate me to study hard , keep doing what you're doing.

Jak Attack says:


jose angulo says:

you can start trading with $ 250 ?

Brent Wood says:

I'll do this again for sure. I have applied once before but I'm completely cool with doing it again. Study the same niche ten thousands hours to master it. Thanks!

Driftika says:

I want to apologies again, i looked a little close and they say "The United States Of America", not "for motion picture use only" @TimothySykes

Steve.H says:

320,000 k

Richard Broomes says:

thanks tim i.m on interactive now and listening to the link you sent

Brent Wood says:

I want this so bad!! i've spent days on end studying learning your strategy, everytime i save a few hundred life throws something up at me and takes it, i was accepted in your trading challenge but didnt have the 7500 to continue with it!! Tim if i just had a shot i wouldnt let you down!!

Driftika says:

Tim I was talking about your ferrari video with the credo card part, I understand inspiring and all that. BTW nice car 458 italia spider is a beaut @TimothySykes

Zheng Zuo says:

Do you consider LX21 is your student?

Driftika says:

Tim I am A student of yours BUTTTTTT at 2:00 even you can tell the bill is fake, I have those too, they say "for motion picture use only"

Richard Broomes says:

tim what sites do you usually use to trade on..ive been reading your book online..thanks for the info

Mr. Hammers says:

Makes me hungry for those piles great drawers Tim haha

Bj Savage says:

And I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to make $100,000. -_- goodness if the stock market didn't scare me so much I would invest my savings.

INNO222 says:

Cash, cash, cash!

jettlesschan says:

this is so cool.

Kevin Torres says:

Some people's hate is stronger than their faith. Where do I sign up Tim!?

Charles Baxter says:

How to Make Millions DVD is worth its Weight in Gold but you still have too Study your Ass off.

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