Guild Wars 2 in 2015: How to make Gold; The Trading Post

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In this video, i will do my best to explain the concept of flipping, how players make gold from buying and selling items on the TP. The risks involved, and how it can be profitable! Note: There will be no items i recommend buying in this video!


Theatres Des Rose says:

Know who's really making all of the money in this? The guys who own Black Lion Trading Company, lol.

Qui Quae Quod says:

This is a good introduction to TP speculating.  I especially like your point of buying items in anticipation of a price increase as the result of a change to the game, such as the Ecto collapse following the Silverwastes,  or the tremendous boom in silk prices after damask was introduced.  This is the best way to make a killing (and most like the real world commodities market), but of course it carries risk.

I made my career on Wall Street, so I was interested in the workings of the TP as soon as I started playing GW2.  A few things I've observed:

1) The 15% tax on sales is killer.  It is far more than real world commisions for stocks or commodities, and is the single biggest factor limiting the profitability of the TP.  It is really this huge commission that makes the TP a "toy" market, and unlike reality.
2) Trying to make gold by buying at the bid price (left column) and selling at the ask price (right column) is very risky, because a large spread (difference) between these prices means that either no one is buying, no one is selling, or both!  Liquidity and a large bid/ask spread are not compatible.
3) It is easier, I find, to make money crafting, exploiting the difference between the costs of components, and the cost of the finished (or intermediate!) product.  In the past, I've made 200+Au crafting orichalcum imbued inscriptions.  But you can't flood the market, or you'll drive the price down.  I never sold more than 4 in a day.  (It's harder now, btw.)
4) Beware items where more people are selling than are buying.  New sellers will undercut you by 1 copper, and, if sellers exceed buyers, you'll never sell.
5) Easiest profit right now: plates of meaty and piquant plant food.  You can make 50Ag on the former, and almost 1Au on the latter.  The only catch: you can only craft one per day!  And, eventually, everyone who wants one will have their Mawdrey and the market will be gone.

Please excuse this overlong pontification.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, and just wanted to share.  Enjoy!

Carlton Banks says:

So addicted to doing this. This may be my ticket to a legendary. I've started with 3 gold and made my way to 300 in a few weeks of off and on gameplay.

hachnslay says:

sell your ectos. they will drop more until we have at least a release date for the expansion or until SW gets nerfed … more.

nicopergame says:

Nice video! Thanks for making these gold guides

Storm Gaming says:

Nice vid! Would you be able to make guides for getting from 1-80 quickly for each race? 🙂 

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