Happy New Year 2016! Gold Coins, Trading, Gold Stack Update 02JAN2016

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Treasure Chest says:

Lots of gold for a college student, you must be the star football quarterback, lol! Sounds like a good plan! Thanks :)

Au Rebel says:

Good luck with your plan.

King Coin (Numismatist) says:

I would recommend either a low mintage Gold Chinese Panda or pre-1933 gold piece. That is what I would do if was trading in gold for gold. Have a good 2016! :-)

SilverPicker says:

Good Luck with school and your trade in, thanks for sharing!

Mercury Mark says:

Wish you luck with your trade. Great to hear that you are finishing school up.

LadyLibertyStacker says:

#10 Thumbs up! Good luck with your goals. It appears you have a solid plan. Kudos to you! :-)


good luck with the exams my friend. that is one thing I definitely do not miss in life, many up all night cram sessions lol. it is good to trade stuff for a coin really want every once in awhile. That's what it's all about my brother

Silver Diva says:

Good luck on the trade and school…

MrMonkeySwag96 says:

Good luck in your last semester and trade in!

Silver Balls says:

Good luck with your trade in. Happy New Year!

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