Harry Dent: Market crash is coming

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Demographic Cliff Author Harry Dent argues the markets will start sinking within the next three months.


substation41 says:

Dent said gold at $700 oz…my gold stocks have tripled…Just sayin

annihilationHaven says:

The market paradox is in full effect. Because of everyone's knowledge of how bad things really are, they are dumping loads of money into bearish bets, and Wall Street says thank you! And they move the market to win those bets on average, and that usually means bidding stocks higher or staying flat as we have seen for the last 4 months. It has also meant that analysts have to continually cut their estimates, and P/E ratios have to explode higher, which we have seen. It hasn't helped that the FED has been lying about raising rates for years – and artificially propping up the markets by giving companies funds to buy back stock and keep dividends high. Everyone talks about this coming at the expense of capital investment, which kicks the growth bucket down the road. So the market really is in a bad spot, and jobs will be lost and they may not come back for a very long time because the FED cannot do anything more to prop up the markets short of helicopter money, but that would destroy American world hegemony, they really need to raise rates to keep the dollar high and the Anglo-American global empire intact.

Money Luser says:

Can't fall for long until there is pressure on the Fed to stop the monetary expansion. Once ZIRP is reached the Fed will just start buying Eq index funds to prop up the market.

blake Brewer says:

I'm pretty sure crash going to be way sooner than 3 months. I'm betting before the election. any thoughts on that anyone?

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