Harry Dent: Why The Stock Market will Crash in 2016?

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The Great Depression 2016!
The collapse of the stock market in 2016
Alex Jones talks with economic expert Harry Dent about why he thinks the collapse is coming in 2016.


Charly Harper from Germany says:

in deflation and depression the government debt becomes unplayable. How are bonds safe?

Obie Pimentel says:

I've been investing only on silver coins. I know I'm a goner.

The Brit in the Philippines Chris Wren says:

Question, Mr Dent is saying, take your money out of property and put your cash away for another day, however, if the stock market and other bubbles burst, experts like Mr Dent have said that it would trigger the collapse of the dollar, now correct me if I'm wrong, but if the dollar goes, the rest of the world currencies go, making the money you took out of property worthless, not forgetting banks stealing your savings?

brianminkc says:

When is the last time Dent saw a doctor… his throat looks like he has a thyroid tumor or something… its very weird looking.

bearcountrydillardga says:

biggest thing get out  of debt  hard to pay for cars and homes with no job learn to sit in the dark with no phone ,computer or tv radios are cheap get one . its only going to last 25 years

Sephiroth Donegan says:

Alex: Do you believe the next great depression is months away?
Harry: Yes, I believe it's going to happen between 2016 and 2022.

Wow, thanks Harry. That's helpful.

happygleason says:

horrible sound

Ryan Dunn says:

dont listen to this idiot! BUY GOLD AND SILVER!!!!

Tom Skilling says:

keep cash, ? the dollar or gold or yen?

Jeff Pitman says:

How come you never figure it out Harry? Gold is money. U just mentioned our debt; how it gonna be paid? Printed USD is how.

Gabe Mesa says:

bonds???? this guy is nuts !#

babelnumber5 says:

this guy is a sell out. he's got it wrong about gold. I don't want Treasury bonds. no way

Juan Lopez says:

I'm probably going to pick up a few more boxes of 9mm today….just in case

soupper soulger says:


JimMelissa Keen says:

and 2015
and 2014
and 2013
and 2012….

I'm tired of all.these false flags.

frankie williams says:

Some kind of cubicle Corporation groups of people they are a smart entity hidden inside of skyscrapers in cubicles working with groups of people and chemicals in cubicles all over the globe these people like anonymous groups with policing power of handwritten and stamped and certified documents that ready to die for their honor to bypass the 2nd amendments as people that is Corporation corruption that controls the the whole entire government that millions American citizens as a now understands that Corporation have screwed everything up if the American police force won't stand up as groups of people wanting to change the system they as police men and women the matter what county state that they get paid through and are employed by just need to come together not against the citizens but against the corporations that screwed all policies to a breaking point it's time to come together and make better policies without corporations influence thanks to Congress even the President cannot break free of Corporation greed and influence of power and policy authority

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